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Generation Z is more likely to say that science and religion are compatible

Generation Z is more likely to say that science and religion are compatible

According to one study, younger generations are less likely to see the conflict between faith and science, or belief in evolution and God. Generation Z, ages 16 to 24, are also more likely than any other age group to appreciate the contribution of religion to discussions about morality.

YouGov data, analyzed by Theos, reveals that Generation Z is more likely than other age groups to believe that religion has a place in the modern world, with 57% of Generation Z compared to 47% of Millennials and Generation Z X.

Furthermore, it was found that nearly two-thirds (64%) believe it is possible to believe in God and evolve. However, 68% said it is possible to be religious and a good scientist.

according to Christian today, the majority (62%) opposed that religion has nothing to do with morals. More than three-quarters (79%) said there is strong and reliable evidence for the theory of evolution, while nearly half (44%) were against that science will one day be able to explain everything.

Theus says the findings suggest that younger generations have a “more balanced perspective” when it comes to the relationship between science and religion.

“Our research revealed that the debate between science and religion has been skewed by looking at it through a narrow lens, such as evolution versus creation or the Big Bang versus God,” said Nick Spencer, senior fellow at Theos.

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