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George Chalandon, my dad is that bastard

George Chalandon, my dad is that bastard

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In his new novel “Child of a Bastard”, Sorz Chalandon, along with his manipulating father who was a “collaborator”, goes through the great story of Glass Barbie. The book is thrilling but full of humility.

George Salandon returns with a very personal book this literary season. The novel that the writer and journalist tells us about his father. Throughout his life, this legendary genius, capable of expressing great anger, hid what he did and how he behaved during World War II.

About this heavy past, the feeling of mystery and betrayal, the son wrote a novel, not a story, often thrilling, but full of humility. By overcoming his personal story with the best story he covered for the newspaper Liberation, the investigation of Glass Barbie.

“Bastard’s Child” Sorge Chalandon Versions published by Crosset.

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