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Georgina Rodriguez's look in Fatima costs more than ten thousand euros - Moda e Beleza

Georgina Rodriguez’s look in Fatima costs more than ten thousand euros – Moda e Beleza

Georgina Rodriguez was in Portugal for another stage of her documentary. Cristiano Ronaldo’s immortal girlfriend in Fatima was filming another episode of the second season of ‘Eu, Georgina’. The recordings attracted a lot of attention from those who were in the sanctuary, but even so, Jiu managed to isolate himself for a moment by contemplating a chapel.

Gio Rodriguez dress

However, what caught my eye was the outfit she was wearing. The dress, scarf, bag and sandals are valued at more than ten thousand euros.

Despite being simple, and dressed appropriately for a house of worship, Jio hasn’t given up on the brands he loves so much.

According to the Khait website, the dress she was wearing from the brand is currently priced at €952 (30 percent off). It’s called the Lena Ribben-Knit Mini-Dress.

The sandals, Oran Azul by Hermés, are worth 700 euros.

Gio Rodriguez sandals

The scarf she covered her head in is from a collection from the previous season, so Chanel is no longer advertising it in her Fall/Winter 2022/2023 collection. Instead of white, blue appears, but the price is similar: 450 euros.

Geo Rodriguez scarf

Finally, the wallet. The Timeless / Classic Leather Crossbody Bag in white is not sold on the Chanel website, but according to Farfetch, a luxury website where all the major brands are located, the model can be purchased for 9 thousand euros, and the price goes up to 11 thousand euros depending on the “extras” You have.

It is clear that the bag is on other sites, used in specialized stores, its cost varies from 3000 to 5000 euros.

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