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Georgina Rodriguez's uncle warns Ronaldo: "You have the most diabolical woman by your side"

Georgina Rodriguez’s uncle warns Ronaldo: “You have the most diabolical woman by your side”

Reality show about life Georgina Rodriguez About to debut. In one of the promotions for the series, Gio reveals it “I went from having nothing to having everything” He makes sure not to forget your family and “From where he came”. But it seems that Uncle, Jesus Hernandez, disagree.

According to the newspaper the sunHernandez, who will take care of a girlfriend Cristiano Ronaldo When her father was arrested for drug smuggling, he said his niece was so ungrateful that she even left a warning for the Portuguese star.

She made us feel ashamed of ourselves because we thought she was better than us, just because we don’t live by the same luxuries you do.” He said. “I have never asked you for anything. He has only called once or twice since it was known that he was dating Ronaldo.”, he added.

But it is not only Jesus who criticizes Geo. Also “Georgina’s half-sister”, Patricia RodriguezHe told the English newspaper: “On my son’s birthday I asked her if I could ask Cristiano to sign a shirt for my son and she said no – she wouldn’t bother him because he was on vacation.”

Jesus does not forgive his niece Hernandez for not telling him her father’s death. In an interview with a Spanish TV channel, Georgina’s uncle revealed that he wrote to Cristiano Ronaldo on Facebook: “You have the most demonic woman by your side. If you want to know why, I will tell you.”