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Gerard Depardieu is in police custody in Paris

Gerard Depardieu is in police custody in Paris

French police are interviewing Gerard Depardieu regarding sexual assault accusations made by two women. After the first interrogation, the actor was placed under police surveillance, according to BFMTV and CNN.

The two alleged victims are an interior designer from the filming team of “Les Volets Verts,” and the other, who requested to remain anonymous, is a woman who was part of the filming crew of “The Magician and the Siamese.”

The interior designer accuses Depardieu of sexually assaulting her in 2021, after she filed a complaint last February 23 on charges of “sexual assault, “sexual harassment,” and “sexual assaults.”

The second, who was 24 years old at the time of the possible events, filed a complaint against the actor on January 9 and accused him of the same incidents this year. He says that the actor sexually harassed him during the filming of Jean-Pierre Mucci's movie, which took place last March.

Three more

In addition to these two complaints, Gerard Depardieu is accused by three other women. Actress Charlotte Arnault said that the actor raped her in August 2018, a case in which the artist was accused.

Another actress, Helen Darras, filed a complaint on charges of sexual assault, and writer Ruth Baza filed a complaint against the actress in Spain on charges of rape.

Gérard Depardieu has always denied these accusations, saying in an open letter published in the opinion section of Le Figaro newspaper on October 1: “I have never insulted a woman.”