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Gerard Pique and Shakira: Breakup, Net Worth, Kids

Gerard Pique and Shakira: Breakup, Net Worth, Kids

Gerard Pique and Shakira split up, no longer a couple. What is the reason for the split, and what are the children and their assets? SPOX in a nutshell.

Now it’s official: Gerard Pique and Shakira are no longer lovers. Twelve years later, the Catalan football star and Colombian pop singer from FC Barcelona go their separate ways.

This was announced by the 45-year-old management. Read the statement issued with the guardian’s approval that “we are sorry to confirm that we are leaving.”

Gerard Pique and Shakira split up

A specific reason for the split has not been announced, and for days there have been rumors that Big is cheating on his wife with another woman. The now confirmed confirmation of the love between the two would be a logical consequence of this possible case.

Ten-year-old Big (35), and Shakira – both of whom were born on February 2 – have been officially a couple since the beginning of 2011, when they met a year ago. “As we were preparing for the 2010 World Cup, I met Shakira in Madrid after I appeared in her Waka-Waka video,” Big later revealed. Mail online About the smooth beginning of the relationship. The connection between them grew closer, so Barca contacted the professional singer personally.

They have lived together in the suburbs of Barcelona for many years, and Big is said to have already left home and is living alone in the city.

Gerard Pique and Shakira: Children

They eventually got together and became parents to two children. The first son was born in Milan (January 22, 2013, nine years old today), followed by son Sasha (January 29, 2015, seven years old today). Who cares primarily about her now: Big or Shakira? It is unknown.

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“We urge that privacy be respected for the benefit of our children, our primary concern,” Shakira’s management said in a statement confirming the division.

Gerard Pique and Shakira Networth

No need to worry financially after both Shakira and Big split up. The The sun The singer’s fortune in 2021 is estimated at 220 million euros. So this is more than Pique’s estimated wealth (66 million). He has a contract with FC Barcelona until 2024.

The footballer is also active off the field, owns the FC Andorra club and is an entrepreneur at his Cosmos Holding.

Shakira on profile

The name of capitalism Shakira Isabel Mebarak Ripol
Industry Singer
Birthday 02.02.1977
birth place Barranquilla
Nationality Colombia
Size 152 cm
Weight 54 kg

Gerard Pique on profile

Name Gerard Pique
Industry Footballer
Association FC Barcelona
Birthday 02.02.1987
birth place Barcelona
Nationality Spain
Size 193 cm
Weight 85 kg