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Gerhard Schroeder, Russia |  The poor boy who rose high and fell deep

Gerhard Schroeder, Russia | The poor boy who rose high and fell deep

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Last week, Schroeder was publicly stripped of his state-paid position in Berlin – and of the staff the former chancellor is entitled to appoint. As it is called, such an office cannot be combined with the position of the highest paid Putin lobby in Germany. But in reality, Gerhard Schroeder disappeared with the bath water – more than he missed the secretariat and the driver.

And the message that he would not go to Rosneft was not enough for the party comrades. Schroeder tried – discreetly – to keep his position in Gazprom. So he was told loud and clear that IT was not going.

Either he continues in the role of Putin’s dachshund – or all ties are severed.

European Union threat

In the background, the European Commission was shaken by its threat to boycott. Germans less important than Schroeder have already made their name on the list of those with whom it is wise not to contact – not to mention business relations.

Long before the Ukraine war, Schroeder was clear that he fully supports Putin’s position. (Of course, he opposes war – but that’s what all of Putin’s other friends claim.)

After Putin’s attack on the neighboring country, Gerd boarded a plane bound for Moscow. He wanted to talk to his old friend and see if Vlady could be calmed down. But Schroeder’s alleged best friend did not listen, and the former chancellor had to go home with an unresolved case. (His dream was certainly up front to slick back from the Kremlin with a Putin offer the world could not refuse.)

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Honorary Memberships

Despite violent pressure from everywhere, Schroeder stubbornly refused to break off relations with the Kremlin. This would cost him honorary membership at Borussia Dortmund and honorary citizenship in Hannover, as well as a whole host of other honors withdrawn. In the end, the man seemed to be driven by sheer defiance – and wanted to show “them” it was all he didn’t let himself slow down or stop.

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In his eyes, he must have still been a great poet.

Even personal friends turned their backs on him – and political opponents let go of who was the country’s prime minister from 1998 to 2005 – who later allowed Vladimir Putin to buy him to take on Russian energy companies at home and abroad. Russian agent? Primary aging? rave mad? Questions were in line, but since Gerhard Schroeder prefers to leave comments on his wife’s rather strange channels on the Internet – it hurts to get his true opinions.

poor boy

That day, I stumbled upon Stern’s front page from 2004. This is an interview in preparation for the following year’s campaign. Media genius Schroeder struck a deal with the big weekly magazine, which should have had free access to the chancellor’s private photo album since its inception.

His father fell on the Eastern Front and young Gerhard was not allowed to meet him.

The mother has a total of five children from different men. I struggled day and night as a cleaning assistant to provide food and clothing for the flock. “We were on the absolute bottom shelf,” Gerd once described the case.

In Stern, it was reported that their parents warned other children in the area not to play with Gerd and the four siblings. They were poor in lye and not much to collect.

lightning profession

The boy learned to put things in order on his own. He made money playing football on the weekends, while the rest of the week he studied law and eventually managed to become a lawyer. Later, he followed a blitzkrieg career in the SPD, where Schroeder made no secret that his goal was to become a chancellor.

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With a mixture of charm and savagery, he also managed to quickly rise to the top.

As head of government, he was known for his tough style and that he often ran over people with other opinions. Deer suits and ostentation rights were introduced as a work dress for ministers in his government. Women were something he used to run a family ministry or something like.

loved and hated

Perhaps what Schroeder planned to remember was the reorganization of the social system and payments to the unemployed. The schemes were merged and the rights of the unemployed were drastically reduced. He has been praised by conservatives and liberals ever since, who believe that Hearts 4 made it possible for the Federal Republic to recover from several economic crises.

But on the left in his party – and among large parts of the SPD electorate – Gerhard Schröder is left personally responsible for the fact that millions of unemployed people are forced to make ends meet by living with the fewest resources possible. Since then, “Harz 4” has become like a block of concrete around the legs of anyone who has attempted to campaign for the SPD.

dream of wealth

Over the past six months, psychologists and other experts have tried to provide an explanation for how Gerhard Schroeder got so far into Putin’s network. The most common explanation is that poor boy Gerd has reached the political summit. After that, he wanted to get a huge fortune – and prove that he also belongs to the best among businessmen. The latest warning signs must have penetrated the staff from Hanover.

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And now he rows so he falls.

But no one thinks anymore that Gerhard Schroeder should expect neither understanding nor forgiveness for the potion of soup he had brought himself. He reacts openly reluctantly – and it is too late. So he will not forget even close comrades of the party. Gerd should expect to spend his last years politically and humanly isolated. But he has at least now managed to secure the millions of euros that his “friendship” with Putin had already brought.

In Company

A liberal summit announced at the beginning of the week that it is now taking place. He is by no means a friend of Schroeder’s, but he has warned his colleagues that the former chancellor’s insults must now be maxed out. After all, he did good things for the country.

But in fact, it was Gerhard Schroeder himself who set the trap in which he fell.

Political Berlin is still rocking its pants.

Because Gerhard Schroeder has not yet written his memoirs. Now he has time for that. And then a person can expect unpleasant discoveries – or simply the occasional verbal eavesdropping from his old friend. He certainly doesn’t have a few banknotes open to settle.

We may not yet have experienced the latest chapter in the comic tragedy about a poor German boy who becomes a close friend of a climbing rat from Leningrad.