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German hamster crypto wallet hits market - crypto activities

German hamster crypto wallet hits market – crypto activities

Since June, German hamster Goxx has been running an independent wallet that trades cryptocurrencies. And she does so from her high-tech cage called the Goxx Box, CNN Business tells us. Its portfolio covers a wide range of digital currencies, including tron, ethereum, and bitcoin.

Mr. Goxx’s trading sessions are broadcast live on Twitch. First, the hamster runs on a “wheel of intent”, which spins and picks a cryptocurrency. It is then triggered in a ‘buy’ or ‘sell’ tunnel, triggering buy or sell orders for the equivalent of around 20 Euros of that digital currency.

Goxx’s human partner, who is supposedly managing the deals, prefers to remain anonymous but places buy and sell orders on the social network Twitter and the Reddit community.

In an interview with the Protos website, which focuses on the cryptocurrency world, the “human” behind the hamster says that this selection of cryptocurrencies has not yet generated enough money to pay for Goxx’s high-tech digs, which include One is a desk with computer monitors made of wood.

Last Saturday, hamsters’ performance is up more than 16% since it began trading in June, according to Brutus’ data — “an impressive feat for anyone, let alone a rodent,” assures CNN.

That return is now higher than that of Bitcoin, S&P 500, and Berkshire Hathaway for investor Warren Buffett. In the same period, Bitcoin and the S&P 500 are up about 14% and 5%, respectively. Berkshire stock was down 2%.

“Mr. Jukes is pleased to see that some of his investments are finally paying off,” his human partner told Brutus.

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