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German magazine confirms that Alberto and Charlene's marriage to Monaco will end

German magazine confirms that Alberto and Charlene’s marriage to Monaco will end

Princes Albert and Charlene

to the princess Charlene From Monaco in South Africa, where she underwent treatment for an ear, nose and throat infection and was banned from traveling to Monaco. For this reason, the princes of Monaco spent their tenth wedding anniversary apart from each other, a date that the princess experienced with great sadness. Charlene gave an interview to the South African News24, in which she talked about the difficult times she was going through.

“It was a challenge for me. I really miss my husband and my children”, He said. “What was really difficult was that the medical team said that I could not go back to Monaco to celebrate my 10th wedding anniversary. Alberto is the pillar of my life and my strength, without his love and support I would not have been able to overcome this painful moment”“I expected everything to be fine in the relationship of the Princes of Monaco,” he added.

However, this week the German magazine colorful Published in its paper edition, however cited by the international press, that the list Alberto And Charlene won’t have a good time, even taking the two separated for granted.

The post states that there are many indications that lead to the belief that the two intend to end the relationship. according to colorful, quoted after castingIn South Africa, the princess will be much longer than previously thought (remember, she supposedly traveled to the country about two months ago to take part in a campaign to protect rhinos).

The same magazine also mentions that when the princess attended the funeral of the Zulu king Goodwill Zwelithini, in mid-March, he will already be in South Africa. In addition, the post is also based on statements from friends of the princess, who reside in South Africa, with whom she has spent more time, and whom she will tell that he wants to expand his activities in his home country, something he cannot do if he is always in Monaco.

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In addition, the magazine reported that there have been movements considered bizarre in the palace since last November, which may indicate a possible divorce. The asset manager who is very close to the prince will be responsible for the “preparations” for the divorce. The man in question will belong to the network of a Malta-based company, owned by Charlene’s brother, Gareth Wittstock.

This company will, among other things, be devoted to asset management and is currently planning to expand into South Africa, according to colorful – Who finds here new evidence pointing to divorce. This expansion would be meaningless if the family did not have real estate in that country and the publication confirms that Charlene has been looking for a home to live in Johannesburg for some time, specifically in the neighborhood where her parents and brother Sean live with them. . Thus, according to the publication, the Malta-based company mentioned above will be a network to manage the Wittstock family’s properties – those they already own and those they intend to acquire – as a way to secure the Princess’ future, in the event of a future separation.

There is no confirmation of any kind on the issue. It is only known that the last time the couple was seen in public was on February 9, while presenting a rugby tournament.