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Germany: A 15-year-old died after an attack late in the match

Germany: A 15-year-old died after an attack late in the match

A 15-year-old German player, from the Berlin Football Club team, died today, Wednesday, of brain injuries he sustained on Sunday, at the end of the semi-final match of an international tournament, against the French from Metz, at SV Viktoria Preussen 07, Frankfurt. .

The end of the match was marked by clashes between the players of the two teams. The young German lost consciousness and had to be revived. He was taken to the hospital, where he was determined to be brain dead.

According to eyewitnesses, quoted by Bild newspaper, the German club was leading 1-0 when the referee blew the final whistle and several people were injured, and the young Metz allegedly hit the opponent in the head and neck.

On Wednesday, the German police said in a statement: “After Sunday’s clashes (…) the 15-year-old died in hospital, due to serious brain injuries.”

Initially, information provided by various media outlets in Frankfurt, Germany, reported that the player was brain dead as a result of blows to the head and neck.

The alleged assailant from the French national team, aged 16, was overheard by the authorities. Metz confirmed Monday that there was no intentional intent to harm.

According to the Frankfurt police, the young man is in preventive detention, while the investigation continues regarding the events and while awaiting the result of the autopsy, in the next few days.

Speaking to the Deutsche Presse-Agentur (DPA), a spokeswoman for the Frankfurt Public Prosecutor’s Office, Nadia Nessen, said the young man who died remained connected to machines so his organs could be donated.

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