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Germany: – A number of wounded in knife attacks

Police confirmed two deaths and three seriously and four minor injuries, according to the report picture.

– We are currently working to get an overview of the situation, says the unnamed official.

The interior minister of the German state of Schleswig-Holstein, Sabine Sutterlin-Wack, confirmed the incident to the DPA news agency.

– This is a terrible tragedy for all people. She says my thoughts go out to the families and friends of the victims.

It has long been uncertain whether the accident occurred at the train station in Bruckstedt, or on the train between Kiel and Hamburg.

A police spokesperson now says the attacks must have occurred on the train and on the platform.

The emergency services are in with significant resources, and have shut down a large area of ​​the site.

According to a police spokesperson, the incident must have occurred before 3pm local time. The perpetrator is said to have attacked several passengers before arriving at the station in Brockstedt.

German broadcaster RTL also reported that the alleged perpetrator was arrested by police shortly after the incident.

He is described as a 33-year-old stateless Palestinian who is said to have no prior history associated with extremism. According to police sources, he is likely to have a mental disorder, according to NTB.

The motive for the attack is unknown.

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