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Germany wants solar panels everywhere, including on balconies

Germany continues to invest heavily in the renewable energy sector, and because it rarely plays into service, it intends to install large-scale solar panel systems even on balconies.

The German government has put forward a proposal for the exponential growth of installed solar PV capacity in the country.

PV solar panels everywhere

In the document “Photovoltaic Strategies,” the government sets Germany’s goal of installing 215 gigawatts of solar power by 2030.

A very large value, given the measures of the countries, corresponding to Spain having 108 gigawatts and Portugal having 22 gigawatts.

The challenge is great, because Germany will have to install 22 gigawatts annually, while in 2022 only 7 gigawatts will be installed.

To reach the targets, the values ​​must be tripled and to achieve this the Federal Ministry for Energy and Climate (BMWK) has proposed, in discussion with all concerned, a set of measures to ensure that the entire supply chain is optimized.

In practice, this refers to the installation of photovoltaic solar panels in all available spaces, including the roofs of factories and homes, and even on balconies, as well as the installation of photovoltaic systems.

He suggests reviewing legislation to ensure bonuses are increased to ensure that investments are profitable.

Renters should also be able to install solar panels on homes they don’t own. Bureaucracies must be cut.

One of the most prominent initiatives of the initiative is to bet on the installation of panels on the balconies, simply connected to a socket in the house.

These are devices that usually have a power of 300-600 watts and cost around 1000 euros. In Germany there are already 250,000 such systems, for a total of 100 megawatts.

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We recently released the Sunology Play solar self-containing system, which is suitable for installation on porches.

Solar PV self-consumption kit Sunology Play
Solar PV self-consumption kit – Sunology Play

The bet on balcony installation aims to help break down the barrier to adopting solar energy due to its simplicity of installation, low cost and modularity. It is a way to attract the entire population into the energy transition.

As a decisive factor to ensure the installation of 215 GW of solar energy by 2030, the German government is also betting on strengthening investment in electrical transmission and distribution networks and in the manufacture of equipment by German industry. Which must be linked to the scientific system to ensure technological development that creates an advantage over Chinese manufacturers.

What you should know about self-consumption of photovoltaic energy

It is a real revolution that proposes to create a turning point in the production of electricity, in line with what Tony Spa He has been defending for many years.

An example to follow is Portugal and Spain, which have much higher solar resources than Germany. Winning the energy transition challenge requires effort and commitment from everyone.

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Source: M. Antonio Vidigal (LinkedIn)