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Germany was warned about attacks on gas lines - VG

Germany was warned about attacks on gas lines – VG

Dangerous: the gas is leaking across the sea surface in a circle of up to one kilometer from the Nord Stream gas pipelines in the Baltic Sea, which stretch from Russia to Germany, through the Swedish and Danish economic zones.

A military source tells the German newspaper that the gas lines are hardly protected. They write that the authorities were warned several weeks ago.


Although the cause has not been determined, there is not much to suggest that it was an accident that led to a serious leak from Nord Stream gas pipelines in the Baltic Sea.

Leaks were discovered in three places, two in the Swedish economic zone and one in the Danish region, on the gas pipeline that runs from Russia to Germany.

Aerial images show gas rising in a circle up to one kilometer long.

Now the German newspaper reported Der Spiegel Several sources claim that German authorities received a warning from the CIA already this summer.

The threat of attacks on pipelines in the Baltic and North Seas was viewed with concern even before the Russian invasion of Ukraine.

The submarine network is very important for power supply and internet stability. Despite this, they are hardly protected from attack or sabotage, an anonymous high-ranking defense source tells the newspaper.

Last week, they also interviewed German Naval Inspector Jan Christian Kac, who then warned of attacks on such pipelines.

German authorities did not want to comment on the case for Spiegel.

DN: Discuss threats to Norway

In Norway too, bureaucrats from several ministries have come together to discuss specifically addressing maritime security threats. He wrote such a meeting took place only two weeks ago today’s work.

Threat assessments made by intelligence and security services after Russia’s attack on Ukraine further prioritized action to combat illegal intelligence activities, and the Navy as well. Moreover, we do not comment on internal meetings at the ministry, said Han Skodje, head of communications at the Ministry of Commerce and Fisheries, before the end of the week in response to the newspaper’s question about the meetings.

Norwegian readiness increases

Preparations have been tightened at Norwegian oil and gas facilities as a result of the leaks.

Many experts believe that norwegian gas is exposedNow that Norway is now a much more important supplier of oil and gas to Europe, there has been no greater reason to target Norwegian gas supplies.

The Swedish Prime Minister said, on Tuesday evening, that Norway had informed them of an increase in drone activity in the North Sea.

Støre will not speculate on whether there is a possible connection with Drones seen on three Norwegian platforms a short time ago.

It will not be mentioned that Russia is backward

German, Danish and Polish authorities have stated that it means Russia Could be behind the gas leak in the Baltic Sea.

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On the other hand, others are more careful about pointing fingers.

On Tuesday, Prime Minister Jonas Gahr Store didn’t want it Proof that the Russians are behind it. However, he maintains that gas is a large part of the war that Russia is fighting in Europe, and that it all points to a deliberate act.

The outgoing Swedish Prime Minister Magdalena Andersson and the Prime Minister of Denmark say the same Mitt Frederiksen.

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Warning: The President of the European Commission, Ursula von der Leyen, strongly warns against interfering with European infrastructure.

Von der Leyen promises a strong reaction

As is known, Europe is already experiencing an energy crisis, and Russia is accused of waging a war against Europe using energy as a weapon. The gas that is now leaking across the surface of the sea also leads to Huge amounts of carbon dioxide emissions.

European Commission President Ursula von der Leyen said on Tuesday evening that deliberate interference with European energy infrastructure would lead to the strongest possible reaction.

You write that any deliberate interference with the active European power grid is unacceptable.

– It is now very important to investigate the Nord Stream incidents and get clarity on what happened, she says.

Since the creation and expansion of Nord Stream’s network, the United States has warned against the project. Neither President Joe Biden nor former President Donald Trump and Barack Obama made that secret.

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We see: In a video, German government officials mock Trump’s warnings. The video is now circulating online: