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Get 15 GB of data absolutely free now

Get 15 GB of data absolutely free now

Not so long ago, a format SIM card had “large” dimensions (in size) compared to what is common today. However, the method is 100% digital eSIM (SIM card included) And such a solution already exists in Portugal.

WOO is the first operator to launch a 100% digital eSIM in Portugal, making the entire digital tariff subscription process instantly via the app. Take advantage of the 30-day campaign with 15 GB of data absolutely free.

WOO has a 100% digital eSIM

In addition to the SIM being immaterial, there is no longer any need for any physical component - such as providing codes on paper or going to points of sale - this process becomes 100% digital and takes only moments.

So that everyone can experience the speed and simplicity of this process, WOO is currently offering a free trial of the service for 30 days, with 15 GB of data and no obligation. To join, you only need to access the website And install the WOO app. For now, eSIM is only available for Apple devices - iPhones above XS - and Android devices are expected to be included soon.

Once again, WOO is at the forefront of innovation by pioneering the latest version of disruptive technology. Realized in the app, WOO provides mobile voice and internet services, with the customer able to choose between three network subscriptions: mobile, fixed and mobile + fixed. It assumes itself as a simpler and more transparent operator with a response to the needs of customers who prefer the advantages of the digital world and want to be always connected, with a network that never breaks.

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