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Get a 'shabby chic' style kitchen – Idealista/news

Get a 'shabby chic' style kitchen – Idealista/news

It has a vintage and romantic aesthetic Shabby chic style. Combines old charm with modern functionality. For this Shabby style kitchens They are distinguished by their furniture and decorations that seem to have a long history. They are often decorated with deliberately old or worn-out finishes that help create a welcoming and welcoming atmosphere.

Why choose a Shabby Chic kitchen?

Choosing this style means embracing the design direction that… Celebrates the elegance of the past With a touch of modernity. Highlights include a soft color palette like white and cream fried pastries, Romantic details evoke a feeling of nostalgia.

A kitchen in this style is perfect for those looking for it Comfortable and informal environment, without giving up the job. The harmony between decorative elements, floral or checkered fabrics and vintage-style accessories such as ceramics and porcelain helps create a cozy atmosphere in all conditions.

Characteristics of “shabby” style kitchens.

This style, born in the United Kingdom, is inspired by rustic elegance English country houses, and reformulated in a contemporary way. Among the main characteristics of this direction it is worth highlighting the following:

  • Finishes Old furniture.
  • Items such as cables wrought iron Or porcelain.
  • Linen or cotton fabrics With floral decorations.
  • Attention to detail, which is also evident in the selection furniture And accessories.

The main colors that match the kitchen

Choosing a color palette is essential to creating the right atmosphere. Hey whiteIn particular, it is the dominant color, often used for walls or furniture, to bring brightness and a feeling of spaciousness to the space. You Color details It can be introduced through accessories or fabrics, such as curtains and tablecloths, which add a personal touch without burdening the room.

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Not only white, but also colors like Beige, cream, light blue and antique pink They are popular options that go perfectly with natural or painted wood, which is often found in this type of kitchen. dark green And the Blue powder There are two other tones that complement each other harmoniously, evoking a feeling of calm and serenity.

“Shabby” kitchen appliances: which ones to choose?

Choosing appliances is essential to completing your kitchen decor. Although the vintage look is a trademark, modernity should not be overlooked, especially when it comes to comfort in the kitchen. You can choose Old-fashioned home appliancesWhich combines the latest technologies, shapes and colors inspired by the past.

To maintain consistency with your chosen style, select devices with Finishes in neutral or pastel colours. Materials such as steel or chrome, so common in industry, can be replaced in favor of those reminiscent of the era, e.g Copper or bronze.