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Get paid nothing at all

Get paid nothing at all

Nowadays, the labor market is increasingly demanding people who want to find a job. What happens is that there are many people looking for a job vacancy and a number of job vacancies that may not be able to meet all the demand.

In this sense, it is necessary for people to strive more and more to specialize every day in order to have a better resume, and in this way, to be able to stand out when applying for a job interview.

Another point to keep in mind is that there are certain sectors that have a large number of professionals, while there are other sectors that lack professionals. For this reason, it is common for many people to seek more knowledge in an area that lacks manpower, because in this way they will be able to find a vacancy more easily. This is the case, for example, of artificial intelligence, a sector in technology that has shown high growth. See more below.

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Free Artificial Intelligence Course

First of all, it is important to note that the Free Artificial Intelligence Course is offered by Microsoft. The company’s announcement was made on June 30, and it includes the Artificial Intelligence Skills Initiative Program, a measure aimed at training participants in the field of artificial intelligence.

Therefore, the resources provided by the course allow people from all over the world to access targeted learning to explore the potential of artificial intelligence. It is worth noting that this initiative consists of free courses offered in partnership with LinkedIn.

In addition, another point to be mentioned is that graduates will be able to obtain a Certificate of Course Completion, and best of all: without having to pay for access to the course contents.

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Microsoft challenge

As much as it is said about the potential of artificial intelligence in the contemporary world when it comes to unleashing creativity and productivity, new technology can also bring about changes when it comes to the learning possibilities of humans.

At least, that’s what Microsoft’s vice president of philanthropy argues. In this way, the company is also responsible for launching the Generative AI Skills Initiative, in partnership with Github,, and AI For Good Lab. In this way, the intention is to do the following:

“A global grant for organizations that train and empower teams in generative AI to create social impact.”

Those interested in this procedure can register directly on the initiative’s website, through the address: These applications are open to academic institutions, research institutions, non-profit organizations, and more. You can apply until August 15th.

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