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The government is making an unusual reduction in the fuel tax

get ready! Fuel prices will rise sharply tomorrow…

Fuel prices will rise again starting tomorrow. Since early November the prices have not known, and now it will be a big rise.

Find out how much diesel and gasoline will go up.

Fuel: Gasoline will go up by 2 cents, and diesel will go up by 3 cents

Fuel prices are already going up starting tomorrow, for the first time since the beginning of November. According to the information, the Gasoline and diesel will rise by about two and three cents a liter, respectively.

With regard to simple diesel, the price of a liter will rise to 1.53 euros, according to business calculations. Indeed, simple gasoline 95 increased by about two cents to 1.68 euros per liter.

Calculations are based on the evolution of these two petroleum derivatives (diesel and gasoline) and the euro, however, remember that the cost of fuel at the pump will always depend on each filling station, brand and region in which it is located. .

The rise comes in a week in which oil is following the biggest weekly rise since August. Since the beginning of the year, diesel has already increased by 21%, with an average annual price of 1.42 euros per liter so far. As for gasoline, its price increased by 19% at an annual average of 1.61 euros per liter.

The new prices take into account the discrepancies in the average price traded in Portugal this week announced by the Directorate General of Energy and Geology (DGEG).

Through the online fuel price portal, it is possible to find out the current price at various gas stations. User can filter by fuel, brand, station type, region and municipality.

By clicking on the gas station you want, it is also possible to find out the date / time of the last price update. can learn more here.

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