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Get to know the top candidates for “Big Brother – Final Challenge” – Big Brother

Get to know the top candidates for “Big Brother – Final Challenge” – Big Brother

“Big Brother – Final Challenge” premiered on Sunday. A very special edition that brings together the most prominent names from the latest editions of the reality show, in a program that promises strong emotions and high spirits.

The first concert of this edition was presented by Claudio Ramos, marking the presenter's return to the format, after “Big Brother 2020”, “Big Brother – Duplo Impacto” and “Big Brother 2021”.

But there is no Big Brother without candidates. The initial candidates were six, but after Commander Patricia Silva rescued her friend Barbara Parada, they became five. Subsequently: Pedro Sua, Rafael Teixeira, Fabio Gonçalves, Leandro and Catarina Espartero are at risk of leaving on Sunday.

This edition is so intense that it has barely begun and soon the house loses one of its residents, in this case one. The two contestants from the last edition of “Big Brother 2023” – Vina Ribeiro and Silvia Silva – entered the house together, but there is only room for one person.

By decision of Big Brother, the housemates were forced to choose which of the two should stay in the house and which should be evicted, with the choice of eviction falling on Sylvia Silva, who left the country's most watched house on opening night.

We must remember that during yesterday and today – in the programs “Em Família” and “Somos Portugal” – some clues were revealed about the new inhabitants of the most watched house in the country and there are many surprises!

“I fell in love at home”; “I think I left home too early”; “I observe and calculate”; “I have participated in a reality show more than once”; “I don't know Malvera's house” and “I'll be direct and up front,” the clues were shouted.

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We now know that there are 12 competitors (11 excluding the eviction): Noelia Pereira, Miguel Vicente, Pedro Sua, Bárbara Parada, Vina Ribeiro, Silvia Silva, Diana Lopez, Patricia Silva, Leandro, Fabio Gonçalves, Catarina Espartero and Rafael. Teixeira.