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Ghislaine Maxwell in prison - strong accusations from the lawyer

Ghislaine Maxwell in prison – strong accusations from the lawyer

In a letter to a federal judge, attorney Bobby C. Sternheim claimed that Ghislaine Maxwell, 58, was abused while in New York custody.

– She suffers from headaches and back pain and is generally weak, Lawyer claims according to Sky News.

The British Society woman has been in custody since her arrest in July 2020, after escaping for nearly a year. The 58-year-old is accused of human trafficking, after he allegedly aided the late Jeffrey Epstein in sex trafficking and abuse of minors, by recruiting and “care” of these girls.

I have always denied this.

On several occasions, her lawyers attempted to release Maxwell on bail. They previously claimed that she lost her hair and lost more than 15 kilograms while in custody, and in April lawyers also published a photo of her with blue eyes.

Compared to horror movies

In the seven-page letter now reported by Sky News, attorney Sternheim made a number of new allegations about conditions in the prison, claiming that Maxwell had been inappropriately touched during investigations several times.

None of these allegations have yet been documented.

BLUE EYE: In April of this year, Maxwell's lawyers released this photo, which they believe proves that the 58-year-old is being abused in custody.  Photo: US Court File/Handout via Reuters

BLUE EYE: In April of this year, Maxwell’s lawyers released this photo, which they believe proves that the 58-year-old is being abused in custody. Photo: US Court File/Handout via Reuters
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Among other things, he compares her status with a horror movie.

The conditions rivaled the prison scenes of Hannibal Lecter in The Silence of the Lambs, despite the lack of a cage and face shield, he writes.

In the 1991 American horror film, “The Night Swarm” in Norwegian, Anthony Hopkins plays the role of serial killer and cannibal Hannibal Lecter. He is imprisoned for his crimes, and there is a high level of security around the Dangerous Man, who is not exactly a favorite among the prison guards.

“openly hostile”

In the letter, Sternheim alleges that officers at the New York prison are “openly hostile” to Maxwell, and that an investigation is now underway after one of the officers acted threateningly. The person concerned must have said:

– You think you’re special. You are not special. Remember that you are in custody and that the judge does not care about you.

The lawyer further wrote that the 60-year-old would not be able to bear to help defend herself in the upcoming trial, due to the harsh prison conditions.

Moreover The 58-year-old has been tough lately against prison guards.

tractor: Ghislaine’s friends Maxwell appear in a new series.
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– unfair

In his first British television interview, which was also conducted with Sky News, Ian Maxwell expressed concern about how his sister would be treated in prison.

He believes that the prison treatment of the sister is a violation of basic human rights which it aims to “break”.

– It’s unfair, and I think it’s very shocking. We will take it further to the United Nations. America must be held accountable – and they will be, says the brother.

A spokesperson for the US federal prison system confirmed that they were taking the charges seriously.

– BOP (Federal Bureau of Prison, journal.anm.) takes allegations of employee conduct and dishonesty seriously. If warranted, we will launch an investigation into the case, according to a Sky News spokesperson.

Trial in November

Maxwell’s trial was originally scheduled to begin in July, but was postponed until the end of November after the prosecution extended the charge to include human trafficking.

Maxwell has consistently denied the criminal charge. However, several women, who were allegedly abused by Epstein, claim that it was the 58-year-old who introduced them to the billionaire, claiming that they knew what to do with them.

In an interview with Miami Herald One of the most prominent whistleblowers, Virginia Roberts Joffrey, claimed that she was “trained” for the role of a sex slave by Maxwell.

– It was about everything from how to do oral sex, to how to calm down, give in, and give Jeffrey what he wants. She claimed that much of the training was provided by Ghislaine.

Epstein, a famous financier in New York, He died in the dungeon in August 2019, after he was arrested earlier that summer and charged with the exploitation and abuse of dozens of girls and women.

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