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'Ghost Child': There is a mystery surrounding Meghan Markle and Prince Harry's daughter Lilibeth - mage

‘Ghost Child’: There is a mystery surrounding Meghan Markle and Prince Harry’s daughter Lilibeth – mage

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle once again broke the tradition between the House of Windsor. The Dukes of Sussex had not yet introduced Lilibeth Diana, born more than four months ago, to the world and, in particular, to British subjects as had always been the norm among the royal family of England. Another heartbreak for Prince Charles, Harry’s father and, above all, Queen Elizabeth II, the baby’s grandmother. It is known that The king likes to stick to secular traditions and does not enjoy breaking protocol on whims or mere acts of rebellion.

Four months in which the deepest silence reigns. There is no single news. The photo has not been shared. Even the girl was not seen in public with her parents or even with the nannies looking after the two sons of the Dukes of Sussex.

Since her birth, on June 4th, nothing has been known about the girl. In addition to revealing the baby’s chosen name – an apparent homage to Queen Elizabeth II and failed Princess Diana – nothing has been revealed about the baby. Four months of the deepest silence. There is no single news. The photo has not been shared. Even the girl was not seen in public with her parents or even with the nannies who look after the children of the Dukes of Sussex.. Even the most experienced paparazzi, guarding the couple’s mansion, could not get a picture, not even from a distance. Does the girl never go to the street? Not even for a simple consultation with a pediatrician?

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When Archie, the couple’s eldest son, was born, Harry and Meghan were still living in England and there was no guessing they would ever announce their intention to walk away from their roles as royalty. This “detachment” from the royal family in England would have taken place even before the couple had received the appropriate mandate from the Queen. The king is said to have been quite surprised.

These are the first pictures of the christening of little Archie, the son of Meghan and Harry

breaking royal protocol

But let’s get back to Archie. The boy was born on May 6, 2019. At that time, the first photo of the baby was released on June 16, just a month after the birth. The Dukes of Sussex used the date on which Father’s Day is celebrated in England to show the boy’s face. Then, on July 6, exactly two months after he came into the world, Archie Harrison Mountbatten-Windsor was christened in a ceremony at Windsor Castle.Where Prince Harry and Meghan Markle got married. On this occasion, the royal family of England released Official photos of this child’s first sacrament. The first months of Harry and Meghan’s eldest son’s life were more public and exposed to the eyes of everyone and everything. A condition imposed on kings.

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Lillipet Diana was born last Friday, 4, in California.

However, the couple managed not to show the baby when they left the maternity ward, a tradition that was fulfilled, for example, by William and Kate Middleton when their three children were born: George, Charlotte and Louis. But if everything goes with Archie, more or less, according to royal protocol, the same cannot be said of Lilibeth Diana. Queen Elizabeth II’s granddaughter is a real mystery. The world is wondering why the Dukes of Sussex kept their daughter for so long. Do not broadcast at least one image of the child.

Meghan Markle’s friends reveal rare photos of the Duchess… and Archie

Certified in the UK or the US?

The secret about the child is so great that Lillibeth Diana has been dubbed in some media by the nickname “Ghost Child”. The big hope of finally seeing the face of Queen Elizabeth II’s granddaughter is that the parents will post the christening photo.. But this is also shrouded in controversy. Beyond The party is really taking a long time That it take place, bearing in mind, again, royal tradition, there is not yet a great deal of absolute certainty as to the place: will it be in England, as Windsor wishes, or in the United States, the country in which the Dukes of Sussex have chosen to live?

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After several reports in the British press indicated that Prince Harry and Meghan Markle wanted to baptize their daughter Lillipet in Windsor, UK, there are now real sources claiming that Religious ceremonies will be held in the United States, in the Episcopal Church of California.

There is no information about the possible date when the girl will receive her first secret, There are already those who point out the upcoming birthday so that the baby’s face is finally known. But are Harry and Meghan ready to do what they did to their daughter on Archie’s first birthday, when they shared a photo of the boy during the holiday season?

Waiting for Queen Isabel II’s Jubilee

If you miss christenings and birthdays, just I hope that the girl will be presented at the official celebrations of the platinum jubilee of Elizabeth II, A celebration of the Queen’s 70th birthday on the throne. The festivities should take place, according to the news published by the English press The middle of next year and it is already certain that the Dukes of Sussex are invited to participate in an event of an unparalleled dimension in the history of the British royal family.. There has been no king or queen on the throne throughout the reign of the current king.

If Meghan and Harry accept the invitation, it is likely that they will agree to expose their two children. Let’s see, since there are many speculations, but they are just guesses.

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