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Gil Vicente Arroca, 2-2 (Proceedings) |  More football

Gil Vicente Arroca, 2-2 (Proceedings) | More football

Cristo González wanted to crucify the rooster, but a theatrical coup in stoppage time led to the result A draw in the exciting match that opened the 31st round. The Spanish striker scored two goals in the second half, and victory seemed certain for Aruka. Gil Vicente did not give up, and after Tijani had reduced the score at 90+4, centre-back Poitou – who had been sent to the striker by Tozi Mariko during the first goal – appeared alone to score the equalizer, much to the delight of the Barcelona fans.

The Arouquenses dominated the first half, but scored a goal early in the second half. Gelistas, who had two goals disallowed for offside, then went in search of an equaliser, but it was the visitors, in a counter-attack, who scored the second goal. During the sales…there was a theatrical coup by Gelist!

Even washing baskets means harvest!

Mallard doesn't move

The team that wins does not move. This must have been the idea of ​​Tosé Marchico, who contributed to the victory over Moreirense (0-1). Daniel Souza changed two pieces in the eleven that was drawn in Vila do Conde. First choice Arruabarrena was left out of the squad and Thiago made his debut in the tournament. Also in defence, Robson Bamboo left the team and was replaced by Matias Rocha.

From an early age, it was clear that Arouca wanted to impose his style of play and send Gil Vicente into midfield. The Roosters did not care much about this and played with very closed lines, not allowing much space in their defence. The first big chance of the match came from a double mistake by Gil players. Gabriel lost the ball, and when Dominguez tried to make amends, Cristo ended up being isolated. The Spaniard, in the face of Andrew, did not avoid the Brazilian's position, but the ball fell into the hands of Jason, who shot the ball wide of the goal.

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It seemed that Barcelona's players had woken up and started to become more effective in releasing the ball and were able to put balls behind the Arroquense defence. In a quick counterattack, Murillo appeared in a good position, and shot with his worst foot over the crossbar. In response, Mujica responded first to Jason's cross, but the shot went into the side netting.

The Roosters got some balls behind the foreign defence, but they either didn't follow them up or were caught offside. It was like that before half-time, when Felix Correa evaded the marking of Murillo, who slotted the ball home… but he started out in an erratic position and the goal was disallowed.

Until the final whistle, it's a game

Arouca could not have started the second half better. Corner kick from the right, Jason sends a long cross to the second post where Cristo Gonzalez appears all alone with a first time shot on target. Gabriel Pereira, who was monitoring the Spanish striker, appeared to be lying on the ground, but there was no signal from the referee or the video assistant referee. Wolves never took their feet off the goal and, soon after, Jason appeared to cross the ball, which Andrew saved well.

Toze Marcheko reacted to the goal he conceded and made three substitutions in one move, in an attempt to give the team greater attacking accuracy. Gil Vicente started to have more possession of the ball and started to get to Thiago's goal with more danger. In one of these moves, Tidjani Touré lost his balance on the left side and sent a cross without anyone scoring a goal. Ze Carlos shot at the far post, but Montero prevented the shot from heading towards the goal.

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On the counterattack, Aruka ended up killing the match. Trezza appears isolated and shoots to save Andrew; Mújica reloads and Buatu takes him out of the line; On the third Christ ends the story. Video Assistant Referee (VAR) called on Gustavo Correa to review the move – there was a hand to Teresa's face on Felix Correa – but the referee stuck with the decision.

Just when Arroquense's victory seemed certain, the roosters came alive and tied the game. First, Tijani Toure took possession of the ball from the left side of the penalty area and fired a cross into the net. The ball is then pumped forward by Felix Correa, Fujimoto takes control and isolates Poitou. The centre-back donned the hero's mantle, scored and celebrated with the fans. Equality in premium advertising for Portuguese football.