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HomesportGil Vicente's victory over Maxim Gostica vs. Vitoria (see summary)

Gil Vicente's victory over Maxim Gostica vs. Vitoria (see summary)

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The Swiss midfielder's only goal secured the three points for Vitor Campelos' side against Fimaranenses, which started well but allowed the Roosters to thrive, especially in the second half.

This result may seem like a surprise, given that Guimarães' good season under Álvaro Pacheco has seen favoritism move towards the visitors, but only to those who did not watch the match.

Vitoria started well, pressing, trying to occupy Gil's midfield, and after just seven minutes they had a great opportunity, with a close-range shot from Nuno Santos that was saved magnificently by Andrew, who prevented the opposition's victory from entering the match. Álvaro Pacheco's team tried to maintain its dominance, but little by little Gil Vicente was able to balance operations, closing spaces and not allowing any more dangerous movements for Guimarães, while trying to create one or another counterattack capable of creating danger in return. region.

Only after the 30th minute did the Roosters create danger, with a back heel from Maxime Dominguez finding Fujimoto inside the area, where he attempted a cross/shot that was blocked by Bruno Varela.

These were the only two dangerous plays in the opening 45 minutes, as the score was accepted at 0-0, which seemed to be adjusted for little danger created by both sides.

But after the break, the symptoms of the first half became more apparent: Vitoria were in a straitjacket, unable to play their game in the final third, and watching their front three – Jota Silva, Andre Silva and Nuno Santos – without a defender. Able to build attacks to reach goal, Vitor Campellos' side calmed down with the ball and identified transitions better, even creating more dangerous opportunities.

Just after the hour mark, in the 63rd minute, Bruno Varela denied Martim Neto, and after moving in, Murillo hit the post, a double warning that Vitoria responded to immediately afterwards, with a shot from new signing Joao Mendes. Who had everything he needed to open the scoring in front of Andrew's goal and shot over it.

Alvaro Pacheco tried to change the course of events, and even removed Jota Silva, who was replaced by Andre Andre, but the team did not improve on the offensive level and ended up collapsing in the 85th minute, in a quick transition in which Murillo participated. Maxime Dominguez sent a pass from his right foot aimed at the head of the Swiss midfielder, who scored the equalizer with a perfect header and header, which left Guimarães 'KO'.

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Below are the main events of the match

game over. Gil Vicente, 1-vit. Guimarães, 0

This Minho derby smiled at Gil Vicente, who collected the three points with Maxime Dominguez's goal in the 85th minute, against the Vitoria de Guimarães team that promised at the beginning of the first half, but ended in failure to deliver, allowing the Roosters to advance. They balanced the game, and after the break they became more dangerous. Guimarães missed the chance to reach the new maximum in terms of points in Round 19, beating the 36 points from 2014/15.

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90+3' – Joao Mendes shoots wide of Andrew's right post.

90+2' – Substitution for Gil Vicente: Ney Lopez enters and Murilo leaves

90+1' – Substitution for Gil Vicente: Rowan enters and Maxime Dominguez leaves.

90' – Four minutes of compensation.

90' – Bad shot from Nelson Oliveira, he catches the ball poorly and shoots high…

88' – Substitution for Gil Vicente: Ali Alipoor enters and Felix Korea leaves.

87' – Spin substitution. Guimarães: Afonso enters and Ricardo Mangas leaves.

86' – Spin substitution. Guimarães: Nelson Oliveira enters and Andre Silva leaves.

85' – Gil Vicente's goal, 1-0! Brand Maxime Dominguez

A wonderful right-footed pass from Murillo into the area for Maxime, who put the ball out of reach of Bruno Varela with a perfect header.

82' – Yellow card for Andre Andre after a challenge on Maxime Dominguez.

81' – Felipe Silva shoots over the crossbar.

80' – New corner for Gil Vicente.

76' – Substitution for Gil Vicente: Felipe Silva enters and Bota leaves

73' – Yellow card for Bruno Gaspar.

72' – Spin substitution. Guimarães: Putski enters and Nuno Santos leaves.

71' – Rolling substitution. Guimarães: Andre Andre enters and Jota Silva leaves.

70' – Joao Mendes falls in the Gil Vicente area in a match with Ze Carlos, and the referee orders the game to continue.

69' – Jota Silva shoots with his left foot into the area, and Andrew connects the ball without difficulty.

69' – There have been no goals yet, but there has been no shortage of chances and the game could go either way.

68' – There is no danger in Gil Vicente's goal.

68' – Corner for Vitoria.

66' – Another chance for Jill! Fujimoto eluded Murilo, Bruno Varela left the goal and saw the ball go over the top… and past the right post.

64' – Quick response from Vitoria, Joao Mendes from a forward position inside the area shoots over the crossbar.

63' – Murillo hits the post!

63' – Varela deprives Martim Neto of the goal!

58' – Spin substitution. Guimarães: Joao Mendes enters and Ze Carlos leaves.

57' – There will be changes in Vitoria, as Alvaro Pacheco will bring Joao Mendes into the match.

55' – The irregular situation indicated to Fujimoto.

54' – Fujimoto had a shot deflect into the area and won another corner.

54' – I sing for Gil Vicente.

53' – Fujimoto hits an easy shot from Bruno Varela. The Japanese tried to surprise, as no one expected him to score Guimarães' goal.

51' – Gill's defense moves the ball out of the area.

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50' – Vitoria wins a corner.

49' – The first yellow card of the match for Bota, who stopped Jota Silva's progress.

46' – Part 2 begins! There are no changes in both teams.

The teams return from the locker rooms to play the second half.

Half time in Barcelos. The null value is persisted in the tag

The first half was good, but there were few scoring opportunities for both teams. Strictly speaking, each team had a clear chance, first Vitoria with a Nuno Santos shot in the seventh minute, which Andrew saved beautifully, then Gil in the 30th minute with a shot from Fujimoto inside the area, which he also blocked. Culminating in a save from Bruno Varela. Vimaranenses had the better lead but Gilistas equalized the score.

45+1' – Ruben Fernandez avoids danger in the Gil Vicente area.

45' – One minute to make up.

45' – Jota Silva is out of the match.

44' – Varela acts as a libero and leaves the area to avoid greater danger.

42' – Mangas beat the left flank and practically went to the goal line to cross, but he went too far.

39' – Andre Silva's cross was too far down the right side of Vitoria's attack, looking for Jota Silva.

37' – Ze Carlos crosses from the right side to Gil's attack, and Vitoria's defense clears the ball from the penalty area.

34' – Ze Carlos falls in the penalty area playing with Mangas, the referee says there is nothing, but the player from Guimarães took a lot of risks, he was only worried about the player and not about the ball.

31' – The two teams are tied in terms of goal chances, and there was one chance each, which is slightly less in the first half hour of the match.

30'- Varela deprives Fujimoto of the goal! He appeared alone in the box, unmarked by a backheel pass from Maxime Dominguez.

28' – Bruno Varela was alert, deflecting another ball into the Guimarães back that Felix Correa was preparing to attack.

28' – Maxime Dominguez was caught sneaking.

27' – Gil Vicente has grown in the game and is better at this point.

23' – There is no danger in Andrew's goal.

23' – Corner for Vitoria de Guimarães.

16' – Gil Vicente reached the ball into the Guimarães area, but Thierry Correa ended up disarmed by the opponent's defensive pivot.

12' – Vitoria began to put more pressure on the attack, as expected.

8'- Vitoria almost scores a goal! Andrew avoids the first goal of the match with a close-range shot from Nuno Santos. The game started with a poor pass from Martim Neto, which allowed Guimaraes to make a quick attack on the right side of the attack.

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0' – The match begins! Vitoria de Guimarães came out to play.

In the middle of the field, players from both teams exchange greetings before the starting whistle.

Here the three teams enter the field.

There were many fans from Guimarães who went to Barcelos. They occupy the entire northern upper part and also part of the southern upper part of the stadium, with over three thousand fans of Álvaro Magalhães' team.

Fans' expectations for Minho's match in the derby.

Fans of both teams gather outside Ciudad de Barcelos stadium.

seat in. Guimarães: Charles, Miguel Maga, Manu, Joao Mendes, Andre Andre, Adrian Putski, Alberto, Afonso and Nelson Oliveira.

Gil Vicente Bank: Brian, Ney Lopez, Tijani Toure, Ali Alipour, Rawan, Miguel, Felipe Silva, Miro and Marlon Roberto.

Guimarães' XI: Bruno Varela; Borivkovic, Jorge Fernandez and Tomas Ribeiro; Bruno Gaspar, Thomas Handel, Zé Carlos, Nuno Santos and Ricardo Mangas; Andre Silva and Jota Silva.

Generation Vicente XI: Andrew; Ze Carlos, Gabriel Pereira, Ruben Fernandez and Bota; Castillo. Maxime, Kanya Fujimoto, Martim Neto and Murilo; Felix Correa.

There are already official eleven!

Tonight's match will be refereed by referee Fabio Melo (Porto), assisted by Andre Dias and Sergio Jesus. The fourth official is Anzone Rodriguez, Rui Oliveira and Carlos Campos, respectively, VAR and AVAR.

In the first round duel, the Vimaranenses won 2-1 at the Afonso Henriques Stadium, with goals from Thiago Silva and Nelson da Luz (the first suspended for Sunday's match, the second on loan in this winter market) and with Rocco Baturina. (Also on loan in this transfer window) He scored the goal for the Roosters at Castelo.

Vitor Campelos: “Vitoria will force us to be at our best.”

Gil Vicente's coach wants to continue the victory achieved in Portimão

Vitor Campelos' team now has 19 points, and is looking to move away from the most dangerous positions in the standings, after winning for the first time away from home this season in the last round, returning from Portimao with three points.

Guimarães: “Nelson Oliveira has been summoned”Guimarães: “Nelson Oliveira has been summoned”

Vitoria Guimarães' coach reviewed the match with Gil Vicente outside his home, today, Sunday, at exactly eight-thirty in the evening, in reference to the 19th round of the league.

There is a huge gap in classification between Vicente and Vicente generation. Guimarães. The Guimarães team is in fifth place with 36 points and in this round it can surpass, provided, its rival SC Braga, which is also looking for a new maximum points in the 19th round, as long as they do not lose to Gelista (reaching 37 or 39 points). That is, one point more than the maximum dating back to 2014/15).

Good evening, we will update you on all the events of Gil Vicente-Vitoria de Guimarães regarding Round 19 of the 2023/2024 League.

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