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Gilbert Collard is online with Eric Gemmer

Gilbert Collard is online with Eric Gemmer

National Rally (RN) MEP Gilbert Collard has reportedly joined far-right presidential candidate Eric Gemmer. The world, Confirms Information from BFM-TV And you Parisian, Released on Friday, January 21st.

On Facebook, Gilbert Collard announced this possible rally during a live broadcast on Friday afternoon: “Tomorrow I am going to bathe in the river (…) Rubicon. ⁇

Amidst judicial news, a tumultuous journey and a setback in the polls, the Defendant’s presidential campaign is going through a turbulent period, trying to keep his camp perspective by highlighting new rallies from the RN. On Monday, he was fined 10,000 euros for inciting racial hatred and describing unsupported small immigrants on CNews. “Thieves”, D ‘“Killers” And “Rapists” In September 2020.

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Many new people

Mr. Zemmour embarked on a voyage to the Alpes-Maritimes, Menton and Antibes on Friday, before a meeting in Cannes on Saturday, hoping he would gather 4,000 people at the Palais des Victoria. He went to the Menton-Saint-Louis border booth, where hundreds of protesters protested his visit, including farmer Cedric Herro, who was prosecuted for taking immigrants from Italy – then released in March – and arranged a reception camp in 2016. In the Roya Valley. Mr. Jemmour slammed associations for helping immigrants “Behaved like enemies” If he is elected, because they act “Against the survival of the fittest. Cedric Hero should be in prison”, He estimated.

Most notably, he was surrounded by two of his new men: MEP RN Jerome Rivier, who was one of the spokespersons for Marine Le Pen’s presidential campaign and far-right activist Damien Reu.

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“I chose to support Eric Zemora”, Mr Rivier announced Parisian Wednesday believing that “Marine Le Pen is not in a position to win the presidency. ⁇ “I decided to join Eric Zemmer’s campaign and lead the restructuring with him!”, Tweeted, for his part, Mr. Rio, Thursday.

After Guillaume Peltier from the Republican Party (LR), Mr. Mr. Zemmour, who was also chairman of the French delegation to the Identity and Democracy Committee (far-right nationalist). In the European Parliament. “The time that France is passing, the choice we have to make is worthy of the choice of punishment”, Explained on RMC, Thursday morning.

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