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Gilles Vicente did what the referee allowed ″

Gilles Vicente did what the referee allowed ″

In the wake of the defeat by Gilles Vicente, the Benfica coach stated that the defeat “had an effect” on the team and accused Gilles Vicente of playing against the game.

“This defeat complicates all the recovery we did a little bit. We didn’t have a good first half, we shared the match with the opponent. In the second half, with the tactical change, we were able to put more pressure and put more people in front, but we ended up suffering the second goal.” This is what distinguishes the games The first part was different from the second, which was good, in an attempt to reverse the score It was often interrupted due to the “fatigue” of the players of the Vicente generation.

“The opponent was believing, with the passage of time, and he also did a lot of playing against the game. The players of Gilles Vicente got tired, with convulsions, and the referee was stopping the match … that did not happen. One has to stop only when there is a collision head that stopped the speed Also, Gil Vicente did what the referee allowed. As is usual in Portugal, the goalkeeper took ten or fifteen minutes of the match. The division of Europe with less match, it is impossible to get more match time. The referees should also be blamed, but This is not where we lost.

Gilles Vicente (2-1), on Saturday, defeated Benfica, at Stade de Luz, in the 27th round of the League. Lotti, Lawrence and Vitor Carvalho scored the goals of the match.

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