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Ginger cats are really special (and science says it too)

From Garfield to the cat at Breakfast at Tiffany’s: Red cats are hugely popular on the entertainment scene and beyond. Unique yet completely different, these felines will be among the most popular Sympathetic, the most reckless And by the way, it’s not just the owners, there’s countless research.

Scientific study published in the journal anthrosos For example, they analyzed how the color of a cat’s coat can affect our perception and make one cat appear more flexible, distant, or even more stubborn than the other in our eyes.

In this study, researchers launched an anonymous survey, asked the web to observe cats of five different colors (orange, bi-color, tri-color, white, black) and rate their personality, choosing one of these traits: active, detached, bold, calm, friendly, tolerant and non-verbal. Tolerant, shy, stubborn and trainable.

Research has shown that Cute and cute red kittens or orange. Gary Weitzman, chief veterinarian for the San Diego Humane Society, believes that cats’ personalities are related to their coat color. At the vet interview explained Red cats are the most social.

Previous studies Analyze the frequency of the genetic variant orange among cat populations in France. The data showed that red cats were very numerous in low-density areas, which cannot be said of large urban centers.

Cats here are exposed to a myriad of dangers compared to rural environments, factors that affect mortality in both cases. The scientists also noted that the red cats were slightly different in size from their counterparts of other colors, even accounting for their body weight. While not a noticeable difference, the ginger cats will be larger.

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Then there’s another element that makes these macaroons really special. In general, red cats are predominantly male. Because? and all that About genetics🇧🇷 The gene that codes for the orange cap is found on the X chromosome. Females have two X chromosomes and males have an X and a Y chromosome. Each cat inherits a pair of chromosomes, an X from the mother, an X or a Y from the father.

While an orange cat will need to inherit both orange X genes, one from each parent, a ginger cat will still inherit the orange X gene from its mother. The feline community is dominated by red males.