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Girl's face!  A slip of the SIC series "Amor Amor" spread on social media

Girl’s face! A slip of the SIC series “Amor Amor” spread on social media

yoOne of the most emotional scenes in SIC’s “Amour Amor” series is getting people to talk, but not for the most predictable reasons. We’re talking about the moment when the story’s villain, Vanessa, the character played by actress Maria Joao Bastos, sees her life end with her life support machines turned off.

It turns out that in this scene there was a bogus bug that actually spread on social media.

The machine is actually a printer. Several humor pages noted the “details”, including Instagram – Insomnia in Charcoal, which wasted no time creating the meme.

In solidarity with the error, the author of this page stated in a comment: “I’ve been working for about 15 years in soap operas. Without the slightest irony, these situations make me miss them so much, and I also picked up a few. A hug to all the participants # together.”

For his part, comedian Antonio Raminhos pointed out: “Hahahahahahahahaha! Look, they have real ER! Or in covid instead of fans, coffee machines.”

If you’re curious, check out the above scene here.

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