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Girl's face!  OnePlus has made a big publicity for Samsung's SPen!

Girl’s face! OnePlus has made a big publicity for Samsung’s SPen!

In the history of marketing there are many unusual cases. I immediately remember those tweets posted by Android brands but posted via Twitter for iPhone. But compared to what happened with OnePlus, nothing. now for Account OnePlus on Twitter did a big promotional job and posted a tweet highlighting Samsung’s SPen that comes with Galaxy Note 20 Ultra.

Girl’s face! OnePlus has made a big publicity for the Samsung S-Pen!

It is true that after this happened, OnePlus reacted quickly. However, he immediately canceled the post. However, when it is connected to the Internet, it remains online. So, some users have taken a screenshot as we can see below. In a tweet, OnePlus mentioned that the improved SPen was the weapon of choice.

OnePlus Samsung Of course this led to a lot of questions from users who didn’t understand what was going on.OnePlus Samsung

This post came from the hands of the marketing agency that is hired to manage OnePlus accounts. As noted, it is responsible for promoting the Galaxy Note 20 Ultra. Now many publications are starting to get confused and the question everyone is asking, where is the intern?

Whatever the case, it gave rise to many jokes and even Samsung itself took part, thank you for the choice. Well, OnePlus also responded in a funny way.

OnePlus Samsung

He said that if Samsung also wants to post an occasional tweet about the OnePlus Nord 2, it’s welcome.

However, this company also stated that no intern was injured during the production of the praise tweet for Samsung.

Accidents happen and they can be significant. However, OnePlus and its stakeholders have reacted very lightly to this and even in a funny way. So everything is resolved and there is another pardon in the story. What will be the next tweet that deserves a pardon?

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