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Giving gifts is an art, science, fun, and danger too - 05/02/2021 - Bia Braune

Giving gifts is an art, science, fun, and danger too – 05/02/2021 – Bia Braune

Mother’s Day comes with a big last-minute shopping rush – right now, and especially online. So, I am taking this week in advance to alert the kids
Be careful: with small souvenirs come big responsibilities.

First of all, giving gifts is an imprecise science. Statistically speaking, the chance of buying a simple business and satisfying someone in the beginning tends to zero, because the logic applied to what causes happiness in the other is unbelievable.

See the status of an acquaintance I know. I suggested to her, literally cried when she won, not an alliance, but an air fryer. And taking advantage of a completely reasonable argument. “What diamonds, if I can have a crossover? Have tried it there? Looks perfect!”

Contrary to tradition and odds, one of my co-workers captured me: He simply loves to have Christmas socks. “And the lingerie! If they went together, that would be better.” For these and others, knowing the importance I place on physical embrace, no one else is spending time and money buying things that are really useful to me.

This is, of course, when you “buy” the gift. After all, there are a lot of people whose generosity coincides with the desire to shed their trinkets – and they depend on me for this spawning.

Moreover, the justifications are usually as unusual as the offers. “I was going to throw it in the trash, but I decided to give it to you” or “it was to my grandmother, I used it in satanic rituals in ancient Egypt: I found her face.” And you know what’s worse? I always ultimately love everything.

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Therefore, I follow up with my small receipts, without fear of stopping by the “Accumulators” program.

Top of the favorites is a doll from Kafka, a radio from Luluzinha, a mannequin head, a soap dish from “Psicose” motel, and most recently a space mattress. As for the strangest thing, I shine a light on a painting of a crying clown, the maiden winking and Fofão doll (Complete with a knife and an urban legend inside). All occupy, with praise, my scrap goddesses.

But the most precious memory and symbolism I got from my son: a bird’s nest that fell from a tree he brought with great caution in his little hands. The type of present that remains for the future. For which diamonds? Sunday has more.

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