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Gjensidige ordered to pay compensation – NRK Oslo og Viken – local news, television and radio

Gjensidige ordered to pay compensation – NRK Oslo og Viken – local news, television and radio

– First of all, I’m incredibly easy going. It was a huge pressure for us to fight against the largest insurance company in Norway. Ask’s dad, Klaus Sorensen, says it’s going to be a bit of a David vs. Goliath.

In June 2019, 10-year-old Ask was at a children’s activity camp organized by the local sports team.

Together with about 25 other children between the ages of 9 and 10, he played handball at Alliansehallen in Ski.

In the afternoon, leaders and children were to gather. Then they heard a bang.

Nobody saw what happened, but Ask scored with a handball.

The 10-year-old was taken to hospital with a crushing head injury. He ended up on a respirator. The operation then took six hours.

– He suffered permanent damage for the rest of his life as a result, says attorney Christian Lundin.

Today, Ash is 14 years old.

Photo: private

The target was secured with a wooden seat

In the hall where the children played handball, six of them were installed Mini handball goal.

The targets are usually attached to a metal bar in the back, but a wooden seat is often used as an alternative.

And that was the case with the goal that Ask crossed.

Alliancehallen, where the accident occurred, has liability insurance through Gjensidige Forsikring.

The case has now been concluded by the Vollo and Nordre Ostvold District Court.

The district court believes Gjensidige is liable for the damages.

In addition, they must pay NOK 540,113 to cover the legal costs of the family.

Attorney Christian Lundin

It’s a happy ruling for Ask and the family, attorney Christian Lundin says.

Photo: Ronald Hall Fossacaret/Ronald Hall Fossacaret

Gross negligence

Negligence has been shown regarding the general layout and actual assembly of the Mini handball goalssays the referee.

– The main thing in this case is that it is about safety everywhere in all Norwegian handball halls. It’s very important to secure the targets properly, Lundin says.

NRK has been in contact with Gjensidige. They are currently unable to comment on the ruling as they have not seen it.

The ruling is not yet legally binding, as it can still be appealed.

– If this provision becomes legally binding, the final compensation claim will be awarded, and negotiations will be held with Gjensidige to settle the compensation, explains Lundin.

Great mental stress

Gjensidige has already contested the existence of liability for damages. Sorensen hopes they will accept the verdict.

– Then we can finish this and put it behind us. He says it was a decent referee proving what we’ve been saying all along.

Ashes today

In general, Ask is a relatively happy boy today, says his father.

Photo: private

He says the whole thing was a huge psychological burden.

– It’s all the time in your head when you’re preparing for the case. It’s not something we’ve done before.

He describes the four years since the accident as difficult.

– We didn’t know when we could put this behind us.

Ask, who is now 14 years old, is still deeply affected by the accident.

He is very tired and can’t take the same amount as before. School days are shorter and they are arranged with assistants.

– When people ask how things are going, we say, given the circumstances, that things are going well. We usually say we’re glad Ash is alive. Sorensen says the day of the accident is not given.

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