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Global tram sales send a message to Europe: “Put it down!”

Here, we have already seen that this is not the right time for Europe to play, as the onslaught of China and the (almost) guaranteed success of the United States of America (USA) could leave it vulnerable, in terms of electric vehicles. The list of the world’s best-selling electric vehicles sends a clear message to Europe: “Put it down!”

Electric cars are the order of the day, because of the hope that lies in their mass adoption. After all, we are increasingly aware of the goals that seek to leave fossil fuels behind, and this alternative, while not unanimous, has been the most consensual.

French newspaper Largus Conducted an analysis of the best-selling electric models over the past year. The conclusions are not encouraging for Europe ...

Europe is lagging behind

According to L'Argus' calculations, 7.8 million units of electric vehicles were sold worldwide in 2022. Of this number, 1.5 million units of electric vehicles were destined for Europe.

The condition is not very favorable, when analyzing model by model. Among the world's top 10 best-selling electric cars in 2022, there are seven Chinese, two Americans and only one European.

Brand model sales in 2022 The difference compared to 2021
Tesla Y model 747,500 +91%
Tesla Form 3 482,200 - 3%
and Ling Hongguang Mini EV 443,400 +14%
BYD Dolphin 205,200 +916%
BYD Yuan Plus/Ato 3 180,600 -
Volkswagen ID.4 175,600 + 53%
BYD Chen 163,400 +109%
GAC Ion Way 119,800 +282%
GAC Aion S/IAS 117,000 + 53%
BYD Han 116,500 +48%

France's L'Argus points out that Tesla is the big winner in 2022, with the Model Y and Model 3 being the best-selling electric cars globally. According to the data, 747,500 Tesla Model Y units and 482,200 Tesla Model 3 units have been on the market.

Confirming the European fear, Wuling Hongguang was the third best-selling electric vehicle, right after Tesla models, with 443,400 units on the market. This little car is distinguished by its compact size, ideal for the roads of Chinese cities, and is not sold in Europe.

The fourth and fifth places are taken by the Dolphin and the SUV Atto 3 (Yuan Plus, in China) from the Chinese manufacturer BYD. Sales were 205,200 and 180,600 units, respectively.

Europe appears in sixth place in the table, under the Volkswagen name: in 2022, 175,600 copies of the ID.4 were sold. Of these, 47% were destined for the Asian market (China, Hong Kong, and Taiwan), 39% for Europe, and 13% for the United States.

The four models that close the table of the best-selling electric vehicles globally in 2022 are signed by Chinese manufacturers GAC and BYD.

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