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Globoplay app is now available for Amazon FireTV

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After having to abuse hacks, users Fire TVdevice flow Give Amazonthey can finally officially access globoplay. The company reported that as of last Thursday (25), The app is now available for download.

.’s app Globoplay is available for all Fire TV devices – Fire TV Stick Lite, Fire TV Stick and Fire TV Stick 4K. The news was celebrated on social media.

Teresa Pena, Director of Globoplay and Digital Audiovisual Products, celebrates the app’s arrival on the platform. The two companies are working together on some projects, such as broadcasting rights to Copa do Brasil and subscribing to Premiere through Prime Video.

This partnership will expand Brazilian consumers’ access to content available on Globoplay, allowing the public to follow all Globo TV programming, entertainment, press and sports, as well as platform-exclusive content, with greater convenience and comfort.Director said.

Amazon is always striving to improve the services and functionality that its products offer to its customers.said Jacques Benin, general manager of Amazon devices in Brazil. “The Globoplay catalog is of great value to Brazilian culture and we are pleased to have this option available to Fire TV customers here in Brazil.

It’s worth noting that Globoplay is available on Android, iOS, Samsung TV, Roku, and now on Fire TV.

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Globoplay will broadcast the 2022 World Cup in 4K

A subscription streaming service, Globoplay will broadcast the 2022 FIFA World Cup Qatar in 4K resolution. Globo revealed that SporTV will make the 4K signal of World Cup games available for all platforms.

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At the moment, 4K transmission of the Qatar Cup is only guaranteed on Globoplay+, as pay-TV operators are negotiating with Globo. Thus, to watch them on the Globo streaming service, it will be necessary to invest 42.90 R$.

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