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Goal scored in the seventh minute of stoppage time: Hertha wins BSC FC gamble against Axburg - Sport

Goal scored in the seventh minute of stoppage time: Hertha wins BSC FC gamble against Axburg – Sport

The stop time was running long. Davey Selke threw the ball and the opponent went towards the corner flag. Then there was chaos. Selke was on the ground and several Oxburg players tried to get the ball. Herta’s Steven Zovetic and Iago got a back formation and the resulting yellow, as well as a free kick for FC Augsburg.

The disaster for Herta BSC took its course: a few seconds later Frederick Jensen brought the ball into the penalty area and headed in Michael Grigorich in the seventh minute of stoppage time. In the hustle and bustle after the draw, Herta’s assistant coach Andreas “Jack” Newndorf saw the red card. With 1: 1 (1: 0) Hertha lost two points in a very bitter manner. Similar to the previous home game against Bayer Leverkusen when the equalizer fell in the 90th minute.

“It feels disgusting. I do not know what the referee saw,” Selke said of the cheering scene shortly before the end. Coach Paul Darday was annoyed: “It was the 95th or 96th minute, and everyone was freaking out. You leave a comment. That should not be the case. We need to allow the opponent to take the free kick and focus.

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Instead, Hertha missed a short distance to the uncomfortable desk areas on that gray November afternoon, when the rain had turned to snow at one point. Hertha finished 14th, one point ahead of the FCA.

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1. The hosts had to make a lot of compensation after their poor performance in the FC Union. And they wanted to compensate a lot. In the seventh minute, Schwartz found a break in the defense. He put the ball on Belford, who won against two opponents, but lost to goalkeeper Rafael Kikivich.

Belford is one of three newcomers to the starting lineup compared to Derby. Striker and Jurgen Ecklencomb should replace Krzysztof Piatek and Lucas Tousart anyway. Morton then complained of having muscle problems while doing tortoise warm-up. Jordan Toronarica took his place. Oxburg has missed Captain Jeffrey Cowelliu, who went into solitary confinement after the Corona case in the family.

The second Hertha opportunity also belongs to Belfort. Again he appeared alone in front of Gikewicz, this time after a pass from Ekkelenkamp. But again he did not put the ball into the goal. “We have two great chances, but we will not score,” Darday said.

Meanwhile, guests often attacked their reluctance – and contributed much to the entertaining first half. Torunarica blocked the ball in the penalty area of ​​Nicholas Stark, then saved a shot by Iko and a header by Ruben Vargas by goalkeeper Alexander Schwartz. The latter was reported to be offside.

Marco Richter scored against his former club

Hertha went to the break with a guided tour of the Olympic Stadium in the presence of 14,523 fans, mostly made up of oxburgers. In fact, they controlled everything on the edge of the penalty area. There was a misunderstanding between Kikiwich and Robert Gumney, who then ran out. The trained full-time, who played in the central defense due to the tough staff situation, turned the ball over at his feet, but did not notice Marco Richter on his back. This pushed the ball into the empty goal to the left. Richter avoided cheering; He played in Augsburg for nine years.

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With a presence of 14,523 fans, Hertha BSC went into the break 1-0.Photo: imago Images / Matthias Koch

After the break, the hosts initially kept the game under control. An hour later, Serdar grabbed the ball in midfield and took it, forcing Kikivic to save it with his shot. The final stage turned out to be very turbulent: the goals of Toronarica and substitute Zovetti were not counted due to offside positions. In between, Oxburg had three chances to equalize in a matter of seconds. But with combined forces Schwartz and his leading players prevented Andre Hahn, Iago and Zeger from scoring on occasions. The guests tried everything and eventually scored 20 shots on target, more than twice as many as Hertha.

Nevertheless, the Berliners may have ended the game. “We had enough space and the facility to change moments,” Darday complained. But Augsburg stayed in the game – and Gregorich scored. Dartoi summed up: “If the enemy takes too many risks, attacks with vigor, and goes towards the goal at the last moment, it is worth it.”