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Gocha and his comparisons with Daniel Oliveira: “I have no right to talk about other people’s pain” – Nacional

Gocha and his comparisons with Daniel Oliveira: “I have no right to talk about other people’s pain” – Nacional

In a big interview with “TV Guia”, a magazine celebrating 45 years of his life, Manuel Luis Gocha talked about everything, from work to his private life. At one point, regarding one of his programs on TVI, “Conta-me”, on Saturday afternoon, being a high-definition version, of SIC, the presenter said he was being fair.

Is “Conta-me” a version of “High Definition” (SIC)?
They are similar, although different in terms of editing. Conta-me is conducted live on tape: those 45 minutes are how long the conversation lasts. I think higher resolution requires more recording time, which is then edited differently.
What did you learn from Daniel Oliveira?
[Silêncio] Maybe the calm I feel when I speak, which is necessarily linked to the time, energy and breathing we have at the table. I don't know if I learned it from Daniel, but it's his own breath, which I try to keep later, and add my own characteristics: a kind of mischief, sarcasm, sarcasm, a little provocation, laughter. Maybe it's more serious, right?
You know where the guest is going to get emotional.
Unfortunately, I think the goal — and this is the voyeuristic side of television — is to make the guest cry and move the viewer.
I agree with this…
[Interrompe] This happens a lot at the conversation table and I have a clear position on this. My goal is not at all for a person to become emotional, but it can happen, when memories are triggered, talking about childhood, about family members who are already gone. But we should not be punished. I'm ashamed of someone else's tears. When this happens, I quickly try to get out of there.
Although we know that tears hold more viewers?
Yes, I have no right to dwell on other people's pain. I refuse.
And Daniel does this?
I don't know if he does, and I don't know what's going through his head. I know you have a conversation that can last for two hours, and then it gets edited and then you can have the most emotional moments. It's legit. But I don't want to explore that side of the conversation and neither does my guest.

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