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Teodoro de Faria, Bispo Emérito do Funchal

God, science, guide

The book is in French “Dieu. No science. Les preuves was popularized in France, edited by the engineer MY Bolloré, computer expert and professor at the University of Paris Dauphine, and Olivier Bonanassies, a graduate of the Catholic Institute of Paris, with a degree in theology, non-believer until the age of twenty, author of numerous books, articles and websites about Topics related to the rationality of faith. These two authors want to prove the existence of God using science, which shows that the rationality of the nineteenth and early twentieth centuries has become an irrational belief. Published in October, the book benefited from an extensive promotion and sold dozens of copies, without prominent theologians or biblical commentators to agree or reject the arguments presented.

Astrophysicist R. Duqué says that a new attempt to prove the existence of God is a scientific and religious mistake. The French love discussions of this kind, and invite reflection and debate. Can God be placed on the scientific level?

It is true that we can discern evidence of God’s presence in nature, in the beauty and order of the world, but the God of the Bible has other ways of revealing himself to humans. The God of the Bible is a God who reveals himself, enters into conversation with people, to Abraham, the patriarchs, and the prophets, and addresses the human heart to reveal to him the project he has set for men. In the New Testament God Himself becomes man, and the face of the Heavenly Father appears. Jesus said to the apostle Philip: “He who has seen me has seen the Father” (John 14:7-14). St. Paul writes to the Corinthian Christians: “Now we see dimly as in a mirror, but then we shall see face to face (1 Corinthians 13:12). The Psalms, which are part of the church’s prayer, use the created universe to show God’s power, wisdom, and greatness. The stars In the Bible, in the Old Testament, it is called “God’s Army” (God Sabbath). On the climb to “Mount Sinai”, due to the purity of the mountains and the absence of earthly lights, the pilgrims on the ascent looked at the sky, which is so full of stars that they find no place to put others!Nature is sublime, everyone can marvel at its precise arrangement.Pope Saint John Paul II wrote in his book “Faith and Reason” that God is a revelation for those who want to meditate on the truth, and that “faith and reason are like two wings.” Faith is nourished by knowledge, especially Knowing God The Encyclical The Light of Faith invites believers to acquire this knowledge to affirm their faith. The human heart is the place where God is revealed in his spiritual dimension. God is manifested in contemplation of the sublime creation, but it is not the only way. There is a kind of faith that springs from joy and joy in the world The creature found in new mutant, as in J Christian chorus, or in other precious moments of life even in the depths of pain. Maturity in one’s faith sometimes requires the acceptance of periods, as in the case of the great mystics, where God remains distant or hidden, as happened with the great mystic Saint Teresa of Calcutta. We have to learn to live with ambiguity. Traditional theology said that it is enough for the human mind to think of the creation of the world to be convinced of the existence of God, but it also said that human conviction of the existence of God is a fact different from simple belief.

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Faith is a gift, a blessing instilled by God. The great theologian Saint Thomas Aquinas says that faith: “is a gift of grace implanted in the human mind, allowing the mind to transcend its natural capacity and participate in full realization, albeit in a limited way in which God recognizes himself.” According to the ancient writers of the Church, faith is a ray of light through which God himself penetrates the dark spaces of human life. There are also people who consider that experiencing God’s silence and concealment in this world is the starting point and the primary factor for their faith. What is clear and can be shown does not require faith.