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Goiás Abbey will win the Anniversary of Science

Goiás Abbey will win the Anniversary of Science

Cerrón Franco, 75, is considered one of the most creative and active artists in Brazil. He reveals that he really immersed himself in the pandemic period and avoided leaving the house. What motivated him to produce, to create, to draw, in short, to do what he loved most: art. In his studio, in Aparecida de Goiânia, there seems to be art in everything. At the entrance, on the ceiling, handmade pieces depict the faces and legs of mannequins joined by a huge monkey (preserved thanks to taxidermy). The monkey appears to be referring to the forest at Goiás Farm in Goiás. Inside the studio everything seems to have the artist’s finger. Unfinished works, projects begun, books scattered, paints and brushes beside huge canvases, lots of sculptures, lots of energy, and in the middle, a tent where it seems to be the artist’s resting place, the house. Cerrone likes to do many projects, he told the head of the Department of Industry, Trade and Services (SIC), Joel Santana, who visited him on Sunday to discuss a government initiative, the implementation of the scientific memorial, at the place where the cesium-137 jar was opened, in the distant year of 1987 The idea, according to Joel, is to take a work of art by Siron and promote the revitalization of the area, which can generate many employment opportunities by attracting tourists, researchers and students. All this will be done on the basis of the law of Geysers. Siron actually did many work depicting the cesium-137 ring. Goiânia suffered from bias and misinformation at the time, but what remains today are tons of on-site concrete and a space in Abadia de Goiás where all the radioactive waste is deposited.


together or together
Minister of State for Development and Innovation, Marcio Cesar Pereira (photo), today receives the Minister of Science, Technology and Innovation,
Paulo Alvim, during the second meeting of representatives of innovation in ecosystems.

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the future
Government, universities, the productive sector and civil society come together to undertake collaborative work, which will determine the course of Goiás development in the coming years, by encouraging innovation and business generation companies.

The third route between Simone Tebet, Luciano Bivar and toucan Eduardo Leite.

Nobody is against new ground or adjustment to the categories in Brazil. But the federal government and Congress are playing with someone else’s hat. With the new nursing floor, what will Goiania’s finances look like? !!

In Goiânia, just to give you an idea, there are approximately 2,500 professionals, including nurses, assistants and technicians. Only in the municipality. The question is: where?
Do you take this difference to pay for these servers? !!

Miguel Brisnot and Ronnie Medrado, from the Mova-se Forum de Mobilidade, participated in the discussion on the mobility plan for Goiânia. The event brought together metropolitan transportation agencies, city council and specialists to discuss the city that has been planned for 10 years from now.

The situation of Emmanuel Macron is not easy in France, in the second round of the presidential election. But Macron must be re-elected president. Marine Le Pen, who ranked second in terms of voting, and is considered a far-right, did not succeed.

Volunteer at Easter
Tomorrow marks the seventh day mass for the death of journalist Guilherme Oliveira Britto. It will be on the 19th, in the parish of Umm al-Rahma, on 106th Street, in the southern sector. Journalist and historian, Guilherme did volunteer work in the Germana Madre Sector II. That is why a volunteer campaign is being developed even after his death. Anyone who goes to a Mass and takes a box of chocolates, as a donation, will be distributed in the area where Guilherme volunteered. A simple box of chocolates can make Easter for many needy kids. Chocolates will be distributed on Sunday, coordinated by director Cerlin.

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Diego Amaral takes over the Federal Committee
Attorney Diego Amaral (photo) is now part of the Board of Directors of the OAB Federal Council Real Estate Law Committee. After two terms (for six years) as chair of the OAB/GO’s Real Estate and Urban Law Committee, Diego Amaral is working on this segment’s defense with the OAB’s National Committee.