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"Golden Girls" actress Betty White has passed away

“Golden Girls” actress Betty White has passed away

D.American actress Betty White, best known for her role in the sitcom “Golden Girls”, has died. Ryan Reynolds, who played White’s grandson in the 2009 comedy “Self is the Pride”, wrote on Twitter that “the world looks different now”. Reynolds was furious about White again after that. U.S. President Joe Biden called White a “cultural icon” who “brought a smile to the faces of generations of Americans.”

Pop Star Cher recalls her first meeting with several Emmy winners on the SMS service. She felt like a child again with tears in her eyes. “What an extraordinary life,” wrote Ellen DeGeneres, talk show host. “I’m thankful for every second I’ve had with Betty White.” People on the Walk of Fame put flowers on the White Star.

White is best known for her role as Rose Nyland, an innocent widow on the sitcom “Golden Girls”, which aired in the United States from 1985 and in Germany from 1990. All of her colleagues died before her: serial mother “Sofia” (Estelle Getty) in 2008, “Dorothy” (Beatrice Arthur) in 2009 and “Blanche” (R. McLanahan) in 2010.

Already in the 30s TV characters

Born in Illinois, USA in 1922, White made his first small appearances in television and theater immediately after high school in the late ’30s and’ 40s, and later appeared mainly on talk shows and game shows. After “Golden Girls”, she continued to receive roles in television and cinema, and in 2010 became the host of the popular television show “Saturday Night Live” which garnered much acclaim and great excitement.

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