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Gonçalo Guedes: “I hope to stay at Benfica for a longer period” – Benfica

Gonçalo Guedes: “I hope to stay at Benfica for a longer period” – Benfica

Wenger feels at home and admits his desire to extend his stay beyond the second year of his loan at Wolves.

Gonçalo Guedes completes his second season at Benfica on loan from Wolverhampton and hopes to extend his stay at Luz: “I had the idea of ​​continuing at Benfica, and I had already spoken to the officials about the possibility. The negotiations went well.” “I have remained very happy because playing for Benfica always means being at home. I have spent my whole life here and I hope, if I can, to stay here longer,” the winger said during the signing session at the official Estadio da Luz. The store has gathered hundreds of supporters.

“It’s always important because I’ve been on the other side. I’m very proud of my connection with the fans and making them comfortable. We feel that affection and try to do everything on the field to make them happy.” said Gonzalo Guedes, who accompanied Bah to the signing session. After playing the final minutes of the match in Estoril, he should start against Lusitania, on Friday. “I’m 100% ready, now it’s up to the coach to decide if I’m ready to play. For me, I’m ready for any opportunity and make the most of it,” he said, adding: “I’m ready to play.” “I was injured for a long time, I went through a difficult phase but that is in the past. I hope I can return to my level and be able to give great joy and help my team.”

Asked about the national champions’ state of mind after another break, Goncalo Guedes was adamant. “The spirit is amazing. Even when we don’t have all the players, we always try to do our best. Sometimes we get help from the B team, which is important to try to keep the pace as high as possible and avoid anything.” He said: “The team is very good,” explaining: “We trained hard these days and now we welcome the national team players. In the Champions League we did not start well, but we won the championship.” “Seven times in a row. This is very important, the team is very strong and the coach is too. Now it’s time to capitalize on these strengths and do a great job,” said the 26-year-old winger.

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As for the title struggle and the type of competitors Sporting and Porto, the Eagles player seemed focused. “We don’t think about other teams, we only think about ourselves. We have to do our job in the best way possible, and if that’s the case, we have everything to finish in the position we want, which is first.” “We know it will be difficult because other teams have their strengths as well, but we have to be at a great level and that is what we have to do.”

Now that he is preparing to return to competition, Guedes admits that a return to the national team is on the horizon. “I will do everything I can to achieve this. It is not for me to decide, but I hope that I will be in the best possible condition when the coach decides that it is time for him to be able to contribute.” He said.

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