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Gonzalo Quinaz reacted and said it was a 'slap with a white glove' - Nacional

Gonzalo Quinaz reacted and said it was a ‘slap with a white glove’ – Nacional

After a post that gave a lot to talk about outside the house, Gonzalo Quinaz On Sunday he gave up the house of “Big Brother – Final Challenge” after winning second placebehind Bruna Gomez, which reached a historic rate of 91%. Victory Koenaz himself admitted to being “fair”Monday, during an interview with the Dois à 10 program on TVI.

The ex-footballer began to admit that at first he did not see himself participating in this program, as he was not proud of his participation in the Double Impact program, but emphasized. “I needed the confession of the ones I loved. Confession of my son and my family, Those who truly know my essence, those who deal with me daily. And once and for all I say I’m going on a trip or get into this shape and see in their eyes: “Go on, we trust, you won’t let us down.”

Later, He regrets that what was said about him, in his opinion, “does not correspond to the truth.”: “Things are being recorded. Why are we going to denigrate and pass something on to mislead people? It’s always the same stories, eight years go by and I see the same people talking about me again. I’m not talking about these people. I fall. It’s over, leave Kenaz.”

The fact that he was the runner-up It was something he saw as a “white glove slap” where the recipients are “people who keep talking about Quinaz without even knowing it.”People who keep making up stories about kinases: “These people should really be skin and bone, they shouldn’t even have an appetite, they should be sick,” he said.

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Quinaz further stated that he felt weak as soon as he entered this edition:I felt… at the moment I entered this program I lost 3-0 in the first half. The fact that I got to second place is a victory for me., Without a doubt. When my name is associated with this print or when they see me coming, I imagine what was said. ‘who will be? If it would be A, if it would be B or C or D. When that no longer exists for me.”

On the subject, he was also emphatic about future plans and about events in the past: “I want to keep myself as I am, feel like a renewed person, go to bed with a clear conscience, I don’t. I want to be derailed again as I did in ( …) My problem was women, yeah. I think at a certain point, when I was very young, I ended up freaking out at being in a world that I was included in. This world is not guilty of anything, the only person to blame has always been meWarranty left.

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