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Goodbye greasy hair.  The trick that I should have learned earlier

Goodbye greasy hair. The trick that I should have learned earlier

sAnd your hair tends to get greasy in no time, so never be afraid that there is a solution. If you knew about this trick earlier, now your life must have changed.

mindbodygreen spoke with some professionals who cited double-washing as a good strategy for these conditions. They state, however, that it may not be the solution for all hair types, but there are benefits in adopting this strategy.

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“The benefit of double cleansing is that it helps remove product buildup that you would normally use on your scalp,” explains Andrea Hans, president of Broom Street Society Salon in New York.

This way, this dirt is washed away and the shampoo can finally penetrate and clean the scalp. He explains that this is the perfect solution for people with straight hair and those who wash their hair infrequently.

“Flat hair often gets greasy quickly. Double cleansing can be beneficial for maintaining a clean, healthy scalp,” explains Sal Misseri of Reverie Salon in Chicago. This cleaning makes the hair gain some volume.

“Double cleansing may not be effective for wavy and curly hair,” he continues.

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