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Goodbye Liga, Europa ::

Goodbye Liga, Europa ::

The game of contrasts in the Famalicão. The National CD saw confirmation of relegation to Division Two, and the Famalicão with a crossing win (3 × 0) took massive breaths to the European fight in the final and final round. A game in which the home team was superior and above all more efficient at different moments of the match, with the opponent’s dread emerging from the start whistle. At the same time they have moved to the class, the lonely team says goodbye to the top leadership, while Vamalecao, after a very difficult marathon and where they lived turbulent moments, dreams of a reality that for some time was seen almost impossible.

One trick for the artist

Only one victory will keep Nacional still Connected to machines Hence, the trip to the Famalicão was seen as a kind of The game of life and death To form the island. The problem is that the opponent, on the other hand, with maintenance already guaranteed, also thought of an additional goal: Europe, which went from a mirage to a tangible goal in the final stage of the tournament.

Evo Rodriguez anchored again to the point Katarina Moraes / Capta +

For this reason, the task of the Materialists was doubly hampered. With only one change in regards to the eleven that Benfica had faced the day before – Robin Mikael replaced Iber Pisa – Manuel Machado’s group, tight-knit in the back, was able to hold the momentum of Famalicence for long minutes.

With the spine area full and muscular, the Nacional did not open large spaces for the opposite signals to create a risk. As a matter of fact, it was in practice until close to the interval for the match to be played at a moderate pace and without related accidents, except for the move Pedrão, after a corner kick, could have done better.

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On the way back to the changing rooms, visitors got nervous. Without big tears to create danger in the attack and with the Famalicão to dismantle it, danger appeared, and in one of the two dangerous moves, the target was born. Gil Dias threatened first – Antonio Philip responded at the height – and Evo Rodriguez, one of the main characters in New birth With Evo Vieira, he did not forgive a bullet at the entrance to the area. By this time, Nacional’s life was on the line …

Manuel Machado failed to avoid Nacional Catarina Morais / Kapta + descent

Fire everything and nothing results

It didn’t take Manuel Machado long to put together the Meat in the roaster to All for everyone The fact is that Nacional has grown slightly. With Kenji Gori mainly entering, the islanders spied on and created the best chance for the entire meeting – Louise Jr. responded with an amazing defense – but he served a little more than that.

Katarina Moraes / Capta +

Quiet in the game, the Famalicão lowered the intensity slightly and did not create major moves of danger, making the two newly introduced Iván Jaime moves, one of which yielded a 2×0 near the 80th minute.

That moment resulted in a huge bucket of cold water for National. That’s because, soon after, in a new offensive move with just a few touches, Valenzuela – also jumping off the bench – extended the feature to 3×0, putting a stone on the topic and confirming the National CD’s descent to the second level of national football. Famalikou, in turn, said, “Welcome” to being able to be present in European competitions. What a roller coaster!

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