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Google announces its new smartphone hello Pixel 6

Google announces its new smartphone hello Pixel 6

a google He didn’t want to wait for the usual fall event to announce his new smartphones, the Pixel 6, it’s the Pixel 6 Pro. The research giant has announced much of its equipment, but has kept some of its specifications to reveal at the event.

The most noteworthy note is even the new SOC, which unlike other years, will not come with a slice of Qualcomm, but using one of his own files tensor. The SOC, which has not yet been fully disclosed, will contain a security chip called a Titan M2.

The screen of both smartphones has a built-in fingerprint sensor. However, on the Pixel 6, and on the Pro model, it will have 6.4 inches with a 90Hz refresh rate, and 6.7 inches with a 120Hz refresh rate, respectively. These screens have a small hole in the top center to house the selfie sensor. And since we’re talking about sensors, the Pixel 6 will have a wide-angle sensor and an ultra-wide-angle sensor, while the Pro model will have another sensor, which is a telephoto lens with 4X zoom.

The Google Pixel 6 and Pro model is now official

In terms of finishing, the two pieces of equipment are also different. Although the back of both devices is made of glass, the model the frame The regular model will be in matte aluminum, while the Pro model will be in brushed aluminum, and each will have 3 color combinations.

As you can imagine, these new devices are the gateway to Android 12, and as such the design depends on material you, which is the same used in the new operating system.

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The exact date of the equipment reaching the market is still unknown, as well as its price, but Google says we are in a high-end segment, so it should have a high price.