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Google Assistant will save our accounts on websites!

Google Assistant will save our accounts on websites!

It is now possible for us to check the security of the passwords in our Google Account and the credentials that need to be updated in case of a data breach. This is since version 88 of Google Chrome. I remember it arrived at the beginning of last year. Now this job is even better. This is thanks to the new ability of the Google Assistant that automatically updates the data of our accounts at risk.

Google Assistant will save our accounts on websites!

Automatic password update started at an I/O event last year, but has only reached a handful of users since then. Android. According to the lane Max WeinbachNow you will reach a larger group of Chrome users (via Android Police).

When we enter a site with a potentially compromised password, the wizard warns us about these risks and is ready to update the password for us. For this to happen, we click on the blue button and Google takes us to the specified location where the password is updated.


Google Accounts Assistant

However, we do have the option to allow Chrome’s built-in password manager to generate a new password, which is useful if we want to save time configuring a secure alternative.

Not all websites are available for automatic password updating at this time. In fact, only a few are supported. However, in cases where the assistant is unable to update the password, we are invited to do it manually.

Currently, some of the best password managers for Android, such as Google Manager, actually tracks compromised passwords stored in Chrome and alerts us when problems occur. It also notifies us if passwords are weak or located on multiple sites. However, he asks us to replace it with a stronger one. LastPass also offers this capability.

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Be that as it may, the process becomes automatic and on top of that with the help of Google Assistant is undoubtedly good news.