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Google begins distributing Chrome version 90

Google’s push for the widespread adoption of secure HTTPS connections between websites, services and online browsers, has taken another step with the release of version 90 of the Chrome browser for computers and Android devices. The new release was scheduled to arrive on April 14, but began rolling out a day later, in order to incorporate a fix for a security issue discovered in the competition. Pwn2Own, Which offers cash prizes to anyone who can discover vulnerabilities in different types of programs.

Last month, Google announced that its Chrome browser would by default start communicating with sites via HTTPS from version 90, indicating that it is the most used protocol, improving security and improving the initial speed of download sites that support that protocol. On iOS, this novelty will arrive shortly, but it is already available in versions for PC and Android.

This version of Chrome also includes AV1 encoder, a first for Google’s desktop browser. This encoder is specially designed for video conferencing applications. This codec is already approved by Netflix for video playback, but it also works well in situations where the available bandwidth is very limited. This technology also improves the operation of screen sharing features, compared to the VP9.

To force Android to update, click the three dots in the upper right corner of the window, choose the “Settings” option and then click “About Chrome” in the left column. Once in this window, Chrome will check the Google repository for updates, and if they exist, it will download and install them automatically.

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Then restart your browser to start using the new version.