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Google begins testing the Privacy Sandbox on Android

Having started betting on the “Privacy Sandbox”, it seems that Google is preparing to expand this new system beyond desktop devices, and also began to reach the world of smartphones.

Over the past month, the company has begun testing the new set of APIs used for advertising through the Privacy Sandbox but only for desktop and Chrome platforms. Now the tests will start expanding to Google Chrome users on Android as well.

According to the company’s message on its official blogThe first developer preview version of Privacy Sandbox on Android will start appearing soon, which also comes a few days after the new Android 13 beta was revealed for Pixel devices.

With this release, the company says it intends to open up the possibility for developers to adapt the new Privacy Sandbox within Android, which will also allow them to adapt the systems to the new ad format and its APIs.

Remember that this system, according to Google, was created to provide more privacy and data control to users in viewing online ads. The goal is to create a safer way for users to be able to use the Internet, while at the same time they can continue to receive ads targeted to their tastes.

However, Google warns that the Privacy Sandbox is currently focused on developers only, not users in general. As such, most features have to be manually activated to do this – in the case of Android devices, developers need to download and activate the SDK from within. The company’s website.

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