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Google brings Android 12 one of the most requested features

Android 12 is preparing to be introduced at the end of the summer. It should be announced in detail at the upcoming I / O, which will return in 2021, albeit in an online format that everyone can access.

When evaluating it in recent months, some novelties have been revealed in its beta versions. It seems that the latest version has finally brought to Android something it was asked for a long time ago. Finally, this system will allow you to manage the trash can of your files.

Big news for Android 12

The latest Android version is starting to create the foundation to give users something that's been ordered. This system now has a system principle for recovering deleted files. This litter box is already there, but not as expected.

File managers have more control over them, and they need to be creative to ensure file recovery. APIs do exist, but there is no universal way to manage these deleted files by users.

Recycle Bin for files

as if look now, Google is setting up a method to centrally manage this virtual waste bin. Hence, it becomes much easier for applications to get to this central point and make managing them in a simple way.

A recent analysis found that there is now direct access on Android 12 to this virtual folder and that it stores deleted files. It is an opening which can be accessed in the file manager located in the Android settings, for a very simplified management.

It gives Google control over the deletion of files

When you delete this content, Android knows very well that this is temporary storage. Therefore, he gives a notification to the user asking him if he is sure what he requested. Of course, only after agreeing to delete the files.

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This entire scenario appears to be the most likely to arrive with the final version of Android 12. However, since it is an actively developing system, this may be a feature that Google could decide to pause or simply remove.