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Google has a new trick to clear search history on your iPhone

Google has a new trick to clear search history on your iPhone

Google has now made available to iOS users a new option that allows them to quickly clear the search history on their iPhone. The new “trick” is part of Apple’s current policy, which continues to advocate for enhanced privacy.

Thus, the novelties are in the Google Search (Google Search) app in the iOS app. It was announced by the research giant last Thursday (15), ensuring that the same technology will also reach Android.

There is a new quick shortcut to clear Google search history

was through a Submit to your blog Officially, the technology has already made the news available for iOS. Note, however, that this implementation will reach Android users at a later date, without Google specifying the dates.

So, to go back in time and clear all the search history in the last fifteen minutes, this is the procedure that you must do on the Apple iPhone in question.

First it is necessary Open the Google app for iOS. They are marked with a colored “G” symbol. After that it is necessary Touch the profile picture Username – located in the upper right corner. Immediately after that, press Delete the last 15 minutes“.

Google wants to better protect its users

The above procedure allows Apple iPhone users to briefly clear the main traces of Google Search. It’s a new shortcut, or privacy control, to track the last 15 minutes of activity.

In the same post, the US tech company also took the opportunity to publicize some of its efforts to keep the user safe when browsing the Internet. The summary is in the video above.

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For example, if they enable the automatic deletion of Google search history, they can browse anonymously. This is because the app will erase search traces as well as the remaining data in other Google apps every 3 months, 16 months or 36 months.

For new Google accounts, the option to automatically delete these usage records is set to 18 months. However, it is possible to specify a longer period of time until this data is deleted.

They can benefit from Google’s privacy check

Google privacy

Google wants to instruct the user in this procedure to verify the security and integrity of their data. To this end, it will carry out a guided tour of your security check with personalized recommendations that allow us to see how strong our defenses are. Such measures are integrated into the privacy screening platform provided by the research giant.

This platform – Privacy Checkup – can, for example, check how many and third-party apps have access to your Google account information. Likewise, it also measures the quality and strength of passwords using Google Password Manager.

On top of that, we’ll also have more warnings – on iOS and later on Android – if any of these passwords are compromised. This way, the user can quickly change these credentials and avoid potential damage or attacks.

Finally, these and other security and privacy measures are set up by Google. Google Safe Browsing wants to offer more controls, tools, and guarantees to users of both platforms.

It is, in short, a healthy initiative and a good set of tools already available to Apple users. Others – Android users – will have to wait a little longer.

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