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Google has also started to distance itself from Internet Explorer

These days, the news around Internet Explorer is related to the extent to which fewer and fewer services support this browser, including Microsoft’s own. And now there is another name to join this list.

Google recently started changing its search results for those who do the same from Internet Explorer. From now on, users who perform searches with Internet Explorer should check out a simplified version of the search engine, which the company typically uses in older or unsupported browsers.

According to the gate 9to5GoogleUsers can still perform searches using Internet Explorer, but the site version presents itself as an older version of Chrome, and in its mobile form, which would be very basic.

Ultimately, this should not significantly affect the ability to perform searches, but users may start to have difficulties accessing some of the search engine’s features.

Basic Google search in IE

Moreover, it is a clear example of how the platform also puts Internet Explorer support aside, considering it is not suitable for searches these days.

Remember, Microsoft should put the final nail in Internet Explorer’s coffin on June 15, 2022, when it won’t even be supported on Windows 10. Currently, Internet Explorer is no longer active by default in Windows 11, although it is in the compatibility version for the edge.

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