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Google has offered millions of dollars to try to keep Fortnite on the Play Store

Google has offered millions of dollars to try to keep Fortnite on the Play Store

Google and Epic Games are locked in a long battle in the courts, so there are now some revelations from both sides.

The latest one is now available Google is offering large sums of money to Epic Games, with the aim of returning its games to the Play Store. Information now revealed in court indicates that Google offered Epic Games more than $147 million to return Fortnite to the Google Play Store.

The agreement could have been proposed by Google, more specifically by Poornima Kochikar, vice president of partnerships for the company’s gaming division. The agreement is intended to pay Epic Games for three years, which would increase over time.

Google’s idea was to try to maintain the popularity of the game on its platform, while at the same time benefiting from the gains generated by the transactions that took place within it – which, as we know, at the time had to use Google’s own payment system to do so. All apps available on the Play Store need to use Google’s payment system, where the company keeps a portion of the revenue.

It should be remembered that initially, in the case of Android, Epic Games decided to make the game available outside the Play Store since 2018. However, the title will eventually come to the Google platform in 2020, before being removed with Epic Games launching the case against Google in Courts. At the time, it is believed that many Google executives were concerned about Epic Games’ decision, as it would be a huge loss for the Play Store. This is what prompted Google to try to reach an agreement with Epic Games, so that Fortnite will remain on the Play Store.

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At the time, Google indicated that there was a risk that other developers would follow Epic Games’ example, which could lead to greater losses for the company in its revenue, which is estimated at between $130 and $250 million. However, on Google’s part, the company has only stated that it does not intend for the Play Store’s gaming section to lose some prominent titles to other competing platforms.