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Google is on alert in the face of the amazing capabilities of ChatGPT

Google is on alert in the face of the amazing capabilities of ChatGPT

the The Google Contingency strategy will be determined to compete with progress in Artificial intelligence🇧🇷 In particular, the most popular platform today, chat🇧🇷 The success of this AI really worries the research giant.

the ChatGPT is a chat room, is a revelation of answers, an invisible friend you can ask basically anything of. By the way, this is most likely bot I would like to write a better structured piece than this author of yours.

Well, I have no doubt that they will succeed in doing so, even optimizing the parameters necessary to “pamper” the Google search engine and deliver the message to the reader in a format perfect to be read on the smartphone screen.

Google needs to quickly find an answer for ChatGPT

I was trying out #chat answered, as you can see in this video. Saw this year #over there, or rather, deep learning, one of the most promising artificial intelligence technologies, coming of age. Let’s use these advanced technologies to create more open and competitive economies.

– AnnaBotin December 20, 2022

as the widget progresses New York timesChatGPT started intriguing the tech giant, only now it’s sounding all the alarms. This is because the company decided to direct many efforts and allocate many of its departments to “Develop and launch new AI products and prototypes🇧🇷

The play is pretty straightforward, at least in my opinion. Google feels threatened by OpenAI’s aggressive advances. In the case is capacity chat Answering increasingly complex questions in an increasingly fluid, clear, and realistic way.

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Sundar Pichai needs a similar product, and fast!

ChatGPT is scary good. We are not far from dangerously strong artificial intelligence.

– Elon Musk (@elonmusk) December 3, 2022

For the company led by Sundar Pichai, this was the “red alert,” the moment alarm bells started ringing at the top of what is one of the world’s largest corporations. No one was indifferent to this still growing phenomenon.

It’s also worth noting that Google also has technology that allows you to create a ChatGPT-style assistant. In the case is the platform lambdawhich prompted an investigator to exclude on the basis of the belief that the system had become self-aware.

However, although Google announced this LaMDA platform over a year ago, it hasn’t made any product publicly available since then. By the way, it has not even taken advantage of its capabilities to enhance its own Google Assistant.

ChatGPT is basically a tool developed from Google’s very familiar OpenAI platform. Since then, ChatGPT has already shown an incredible ability to become a phenomenon of the moment and answer the most diverse questions from users.

ChatGPT is getting smarter and Google knows it

In other words, this ChatGPT is, in part, what a virtual assistant should be. Something useful and factual that gives us specific, complete, and increasingly credible answers. Having said that, Google naturally feels threatened by the growth of this AI, as well as its capabilities as a natural language.

In light of the above, we believe that Google is putting significant attention, time and capital into this area of ​​AI and its applications. Thus it is very likely that at the company’s next annual conference, the Google I/O 2023we have more news in this regard, with a practically confirmed similar product in the list of presentations.

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It should be noted that it was precisely at the Google I / O 2022 conference that Sundar Pichai presented the LaMDA game. However, nothing expects that the company itself will not benefit greatly from this technology and that it will be third parties to deploy this platform.

Anyway, I have no doubt about that In 2023, AI will be one of the innovation vectors and the growth of the technology sector. Your upgrades will be as intimidating as they are awesome, and we can’t wait for that!

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