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Google is starting to prepare a new feature for its password manager

Google is starting to prepare a new feature for its password manager

With growing concerns about security, it’s only natural that Google is investing heavily in the tools it offers, especially in this area. We’ve recently seen the arrival of access keys, a new way to authenticate users. Now it’s Google’s password manager’s turn to get new features and become even better.

If most of the time Google focuses on bringing new features to its tools, there is still room for other improvements. We talk about the interface and the way users can use these suggestions in a more natural way.

Within this last field, Google shows several changes. This time it's in the password manager, which anyone with a Google account can access and where a lot of sensitive information to use for authentication resides.

Available information shows that this important part of Chrome and Google will be redesigned and will have a different arrangement of features. There will be a division of the main features of the password manager into three tabs located in the bottom navigation bar.

There's also a slight redesign of the search bar, which now has an Add Password button instead of the "+" button available in its current form. This change also appears to be in line with Google's Material Design 3 guidelines, the new design language being applied to all of the brand's apps.

There is no information yet on when this change will occur and when it will be implemented on a larger scale. This is expected to happen very soon, as it is a design change for something that Google has been looking to implement across all areas of its services.

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Change occurs within Google continuously and constantly to improve its services. This is another case where the search giant will change the design of its products, this time regarding its password manager.